10 Football Stars Who Love Casino Games

Many football stars have a common sin: casino games. Some prefer the atmosphere of land-based casinos, while others prefer the comfort of an online casino. We know that the prizes won often serve as pocket money for these multimillionaires. That said, here are the top 10 football stars who like to gamble at the casino for fun or to relieve the pressure.

Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the greatest footballers of all time flaunts his presence in the gambling world every now and then. In reality, the paparazzi have often seen the famous Cristiano Ronaldo in various casinos around the world. Sports fanatic, this big star would also be a poker aficionado.

Most of his fans don’t know it, but Ronaldo plays poker divinely well. He has already hired a number of big names in this discipline. From the height of his 20s, he is said to have learned the basics of poker by playing for hours with his friends. For now, his focus is on football, but some experts predict a bright future for him in professional poker.

Neymar Jr.

It is well known that Neymar is a fan of poker. In fact, he never hid his enthusiasm for this card game. In addition, the Brazilian proudly shows off his cute sin on social networks. Obviously, the best casinos in Las Vegas and Monaco have no secrets for him.

On the other hand, Neymar regularly plays in online casinos. Betting astronomical amounts as usual while trying to bluff his opponents. In 2015, Neymar became a staunch ally of PokerStars by taking on the role of ambassador. After a period of hiatus, he will resume his duties in the course of 2020.

Gerard Pique

Like his former teammate Neymar, Gerard Pique has also developed a great passion for poker. His love for this slot game even came to light shortly after the 2014 World Cup. At that time, he competed in the World Series of Poker.

Later, the journalists still discovered that his interest in poker goes back years. From time to time, Shakira’s husband also connects to online gaming sites. Above all, Pique is known for his exploits on the European Poker Tour. In 2019, this footballer won more than 350,000 euros during the Barcelona tournaments.

David Ginola

This top 10 is definitely full of PokerStars ambassadors. In France, a football fan worthy of the name must have admired David Ginola’s prowess.

In 2020, he joined the ranks of PokerStars as an ambassador. Given his penchant for gambling, he did not hesitate to lend his image in favor of this operator. Nevertheless, the contract stipulates that he exclusively represents the sports betting department. In addition, David Ginola would have received a proposal to appear on a stage in a casino next to James Bond.

Samir Nasric

In addition to his enthusiasm for football, Samir Nasri also fell in love with roulette games. According to him, it is the perfect game to capture thousands of euros in one evening. Especially because it doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Just bet on the right number and the luck factor will do the rest.

A little anecdote that happened in 2015 has stuck with Samir Nasri until now. Long story short, this footballer sat uninvited at a private table at London’s Park Lane Casino. Then he put down his chips without knowing that he was bothering the guests. Subsequently, a player lost the equivalent of 15,000 euros and accused him of being the cause of her misfortune. Therefore, he was kicked out of the establishment to end the lawsuit.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney for his part didn’t shine as much on the field as in the game rooms. In fact, once in 2017, he wasted nearly $550,000 playing roulette in just 2 hours. Still, Rooney reportedly lost thousands of dollars with an inevitable losing blackjack hand. Obviously this happened while he was attending his club’s game after a nasty injury.

According to some gambling experts, this professional football player had been suffering from a gambling addiction for some time. Despite everything, the former Manchester United attacker is said to have made hefty sums in the casinos of Las Vegas and Europe.

Mario Balotelli

On the other hand, Italian striker Mario Balotelli has made a lot of ink in the gambling industry, winning around £25,000 in a Manchester facility around 2011. It is clear that Balotelli achieves this feat by lingering at a roulette table.

That said, this football player is best known for his outpouring of generosity towards the casino staff. Indeed, he leaves very large tips every time he visits the gaming rooms. In this case, this athlete with a heart of gold rewarded a croupier with €1,000 in one evening. This player is said to have even offered a tidy sum to a homeless person he randomly bumped into when leaving a casino.

Jan Vong Sorensen

The worldwide career of Danish footballer Jan Vong Sorensen was short-lived. At the age of 30, he had to draw a line under his profession due to an injury. He soon discovered his other favorite field, casino games.

As it turned out, Sorensen had an innate talent for poker. This made him become a professional player with such ease. To that end, this former football player has refined his game strategies by having fun with online poker. Now he is the proud owner of 2 World Series of Poker bracelets. In addition, he has amassed over $2 million from all of his poker exploits.

Teddy Sheringham

The English player Teddy Sheringham, meanwhile, found refuge in casino games towards the end of his career. So he timidly embarked on his adventure in land-based casinos and online platforms. After testing the waters for a while, this football player has clearly developed a preference for online poker.

Like Jan Vong Sorensen, Sheringham quickly moved into the circle of professional poker players. However, the Englishman never reached first place at the end of the popular tournaments. However, he broke into the top 5 at the 2010 European Poker Tour Main Event in Portugal.

Diego Maradona

During his life, Diego Maradona showed the temperament of an incredible fighter. He liked to show off his talent in competitions more than to win himself. With such a mindset, it’s very likely that Maradona loved to shine, even off the field. Therefore, he sometimes fed himself with adrenaline at the casino operators.

Apparently, this football legend would rather take on his opponents than play card games. Sometimes this celeb opted for caster wheels every now and then. Maradona was naturally intrepid and reportedly spotted running a clandestine casino in Buenos Aires.