10 Polish songs for sports: the doping that no test can detect

Whether it’s a help in difficult times, inspiring or stimulating action, music has the gift of giving us a famous boost! During sports competitions, it is not uncommon to see many athletes wearing headphones during the warm-up. Music has a beneficial effect in many ways. First, it significantly reduces stress, allowing us to calm our thoughts and divert our attention from the source of our worries. However, our favorite songs can also serve as our motivation during long and tedious workouts. Lepetitjournal.com has subjectively selected 10 “musical pills” for you – each unique in their own way and extremely beneficial for morale and health. Enough to boost your performance… completely legal!

10. Grzegorz Hyży – Pusty dom

The melody of this song is very conducive to training as it is very energetic! We can move mountains with this track!

9. Lanberry – Trace

We have to admit that this song is full of emotions, with a strong message: we are responsible for our own happiness. The chorus is very catchy, the body is carried by the notes!

8. Daria Zawialow – Szarowka

Her first love was ballroom dancing, but an injury thwarted her plans. His fans certainly owe fate, his tracks are real hits.

7. The Dumpligs – Ah nie mniej jednej

This piece is distinguished by its extremely magical atmosphere. Although the lyrics of this song are sad, the melody is very catchy and takes you to another world!

6. Kwiat jabloni – Kometa

Under this beautiful name: apple blossom, a brother and sister hide who have formed a group together. The lyrics of this song are extremely moving and the melody is uplifting and makes even the toughest workouts enjoyable!

5. Kortez – Dobrze, e Cię mam

This young artist is best known for his romantic ballads, but the song Dobrze, e Cię mam is a bit more catchy.

4. Dawid Podsiadlo – Najnowszy klip

Dawid Podsiadło is the most popular singer of the young generation. In ten years he has made an incredible career. The melody will have a driving effect on your training.

3. Sanah – Kolońska i szlugi

This young woman of just under twenty-five has had an amazing career at a dizzying pace! She has a unique writing style, as she combines youth jargon with poetry. There is also a second version of this song – played on the piano, but as the name suggests, it is more suitable for falling asleep or pilates and stretching… The melody in this version is energetic and rhythmic, it is so perfect for your exercises!

2. Sanah i Dawid Podsiadlo – Ostatnia nadzieja

This is a highly anticipated duet by two of Poland’s most popular artists. This song conquered the charts in no time. With its stimulating melody it will make your workout a pleasure!

1.Męskie Granie Orkiestra 2021 (Daria Zawiałow, Dawid Podsiadło, Vito Bambino) – I Ciebie też, bardzo

This song brought everyone to their knees, moving and soothing! It is a very cheerful song, which will give you courage and the will to act. It will save your training even in the case of extreme laziness and before a match, it will unfailingly put you in the mood to fight!