100 new cases reported for the 2020-2021 season

Two years after the first National Convention for the Prevention of Violence in Sport, the talking has not stopped. Both to expose old facts and very recent acts. On Wednesday 9 March, the Minister-deputy for sports Roxana Maracineanu brought together the different players from the sports world, the judiciary, national education and child protection to draw up a new balance.

For example, Fabienne Bourdais, ministerial deputy for the fight against violence in sport, reported 610 cases of violence as of December 31, 2021, identified since the launch of the cell in February 2020. “Since January 1, 2022, we have received 30 additional reports. Suffice it to say that this topic is not behind us”, underlined in a loud voice Fabienne Bourdais.

As if to anchor the problem in the present, the ministerial deputy specified that of the 610 cases, 107 fall within the 2020-2021 sports season. In total, more than 70% of the files relate to offenses committed during the last ten years.

In 89% of the cases the reports were of a sexual nature. In total 54 sports federations are affected, but 12 of them concentrate 68% of the company. Most of the violence took place in “leisure structures”although the high level is not exempt – 37 reports focus on high level structures.

As in the 2021 assessment, the victims are predominantly female – 79% – and minors at the time of the events (84%). On the side of the aggressors, among the 655 accused were 395 sports teachers, 86 of whom were on a voluntary basis. “Of the 309 paid educators or trainees involved, a third of them did not have a valid professional card when required”, regretted Fabienne Bourdais.

60% of the cases handled by the ministerial unit are now closed. Just over 200 studies are still ongoing. The study of these cases led to nearly 300 administrative decisions by the prefects of the department. For example, 120 emergency measures were issued banning sports for up to six months (the time of the investigation), as well as 67 permanent bans. For their part, the federations proceeded to 23 permanent irradiations.

As part of the first National Convention in 2020, the Minister of Sport has committed to systematize the integrity check of volunteers from January 2021. With nearly two million criminal records to check, the task would be colossal.

Today, 68 federations have committed themselves to this mission with 216,000 checks carried out, with a clear acceleration since the beginning of 2022. This work has made it possible to expel profiles: three emergency measures of the ban and 17 incapacity for work (linked to a criminal conviction registered in the Files of perpetrators of sexual or violent crimes) have already been issued.