100th anniversary USC: sport at the top!

The USC’s centenary was postponed for many anniversaries because you know who. Well, maybe it was a backup to jump better, because the program of omnisports festivities, curated by the municipality and the USC, promises to be purely exceptional for three days, from June 24 to 26.

All facets of sport in Charit

“The idea of ​​this large-scale celebration is twofold: to show the importance of the sporting phenomenon in La Charité and to share it with the general public, by involving the Charitoise population in the events that mark the city,” explains Mayor Henri Vales out.

“USC is something! “, the late Eugène Roger is said to have claimed, the soul of the former Echo Charitois, who in his early childhood did not disdain to use the paddle in the Loire and supported the exploits of the Charitois athletes with big hits of film and daring characters.

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Under the stone bridge, of course, water has flowed, but the enthusiasm is still the same within the USC, which today has some 1,500 licensees in 21 “official” sections and 6 affiliated sections.

“During these three days, we will show all facets of Charitois sport, an integral part of municipal politics. A festive program that focuses mainly on sports at school, clubs, licensees, facilities, sports and the Loire…”, the mayor emphasizes.

Three days of party

Friday June 24. The day will be dedicated to school sports at the André-Jomier stadium in La Chapelle-Montlinard, with the participation of schools and colleges, representing 220 students in the morning and 160 in the afternoon. They can indulge in table tennis, basketball, boules, archery, handball, judo, rugby, badminton, football and tennis. With one shot, two shots, the new tennis courts are inaugurated with great strides, a few matches later a concert by the Orchester d’harmonie charitoise.

To give the evening some sparkle, the City has decided to postpone the music festival to this Friday 24 June. As many as seven concerts are scheduled in the downtown area.

Saturday 25 June. The island of Faubourg and the river will take part in the festivities by offering kayak polo demonstrations, activities offered by the swimming club, aquagym and the youth council at the Saulaie summer pool where a beach volleyball will be organized.

At 4 pm, place for the parade! As in the great era, the jubilee of 1970, the clubs parade through the streets of the city, from Clairs-Bassins to the Bénédictins garden, with plenty of visual and musical entertainment with the Orchester d’harmonie charitois, the Cirque de mots company, the steps company, freestyle football, Fabio and his barrel organ and a collection of old cars.

At 8 pm we meet on the ramparts with two concerts by the Black Flowers and the Madmen, then a sound and light show, followed by a dance evening.
Sunday 26 June. The morning will be devoted to refereeing, disabled sports and women’s sports in the form of conferences with Nivernais experts in these fields.

† The festivities end at 12:30 pm with the presentation of the medals through the city. In the hope that this centenary will remain etched in Charitre’s memory.

Frederic Dumaillet Arbitration : Hugues Thepenier (basketball), Pierre Gaillouste (football), Khalid Sami and Morad Bounouara (handball). Handisport : Jean-Pierre Nembrot, Dominique Girard and Nathalie Laurent.

women sports

: Mamignian Toure and Karine Zeimer.