30 minutes a day mandatory at the beginning of the school year

On June 2, Emmanuel Macron announced that practicing 30 minutes of sport a day in primary school will be mandatory at the start of the school year in September. 500,000 students from 7,000 volunteer schools are already using this system, which aims to combat the sedentary lifestyle of children.

On June 2, during a trip to Marseille, Emmanuel Macron has announced that primary school students will exercise 30 minutes a day from the 2022 school year.† Accompanied by the new Minister of National Education Pap Ndiaye, the head of state urged: the importance of physical activity for children† †It is a real revolution, both to learn better (…) and to implement a real health prevention policy to combat obesity and the sedentary lifestyle of many of our children and adolescents.explained Emmanuel Macron. Last January, two large circulars were published in the Official Bulletin of National Education: 30 minutes of daily physical activity and One School – One Club that further enhance the place of sport in the school environment.

Nearly 500,000 students from 7,000 voluntary schools are already implementing this system, which aims to combat children’s sedentary lifestyles and its negative impact on their health. Also, on the occasion of the Interministerial Committee for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the State committed itself to generalize the “30 minutes of daily physical activity” in all primary schools by 2024ie nearly 36,000 schools, on top of the three hours of gym per week. Funding from the Ministry of Education should make it possible to provide primary schools with sports equipment.

Sport in school: a matter of health, development, equality and success

The values ​​of sport are those of the Republic: respect for others, dedication, self-sacrifice“, Jean-Michel Blanquer recalled in February 2021 during the 5th edition of the Olympic and Paralympic Week.”We want to strengthen the place of sport and the body in school : to write a lasting sporting ritual in the child’s life from an early age, to contribute to student success and equal opportunity, as well as to forge enlightened citizens., for its part, explained Roxana Maracineanu. The Minister of Education and his then sports colleague had urged: the importance of encouraging sports practice at schoolnot only to provide students with the regular practice of physical activity but also for encourage the “live together“. In addition to the ambition to offer 30 minutes of sport per day for studentsThe project is built around two priority actions: learn to swim and avoid drowning with the “aquatic ease” plan and the “know how to ride a bike” plan aimed at 6/11 year olds. Two extra lessons”to the basic knowledge of school: reading, writing, counting.

  • Know how to ride a bike: let students learn to ride a bicycle and learn to ride a bicycle, but also get to know the traffic signs and get to know the road code. The aim of this 10-hour training for children aged 6 to 11 is to “the practice of independent cycling for all children before going to universityThe use of this learning in the school or extracurricular context must take place en masse in 2022.
  • Aquatic Convenience: The aim of this plan, launched in April 2019, is to help children to be comfortable in the water and learn to swim from an early age. It targets children from an early age as it targets school children aged 4 to 6 as part of learning during school time, extracurricular or extracurricular time.