35 killed in Russian attack on military base near Polish border, regional governor says

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11:52 : Another bombing, this time in Mykolaiv, near Odessa, in the south of the country, killed nine people, according to the local governor. The strikes yesterday mainly affected residential areas, including a cancer center and an eye hospital.

11:49 : According to a journalist from Timeforeigners could be among the victims of the strikes in Yavoriv. “I was there yesterday, he continues to write TwitterIt’s a serious escalation from Russia. (…) A coordinator of foreign volunteers in Ukraine told me that the base was a gathering point for thousands of them, who came from all over to help Ukraine.”

11:40 am : Thirty-five people have been killed and 134 were injured in Russian attacks that hit a Ukrainian military base near the Polish border, according to the region’s governor Maxim Kozitsky. An initial report had reported nine dead and 57 injured at this Yavoriv base.

11:38The attacks on a military base near Lviv blamed on Russia by Ukrainian authorities have left 35 dead, according to a new report from the regional governor.

10:30 am.“It would take a few years to design a system that, if the Russians left, could keep the ISS in orbit.”

According to this space specialist, the International Space Station “would fall into the atmosphere” at the end of “a number of months” if Russia stopped correcting its orbit. However, he believes that the Russian threats in this area come under a “highly symbolic representation”

10:24 am Our special correspondents Boris Loumagne and Laurent Macchietti surrendered in the Kiev Zoo, which has become a haven for caretakers and their families, installed in the future aquarium in the basement. Outside, the animals struggle to tolerate the sound of sirens and knocks, to the point that the zoo’s elephant has been given painkillers.


10:43 am : Meanwhile, in Kiev, the siege by the Russian army is becoming more and more apparent. Moscow troops yesterday destroyed the nearby Vassylkiv airport, located 25 kilometers from the capital, according to Ukrainians. Only the roads to the south remain free.

10:12 am : The affected base not far from the Polish border has in recent years served as a training ground for Ukrainian armed forces supervised by foreign instructors, notably American and Canadian. It is mainly on this basis that some of the military aid supplied by Western countries arrives.

10:05 am : According to a preliminary report by Ukrainian military authorities, Russian attacks on a military base in the west of the country killed nine people and injured 57. The attack took place in Yavoriv, ​​about 40 kilometers northwest of Lviv.


09:59 : France announces the creation of a one million euros fund to welcome Ukrainian artists and cultural professionals, as well as students in the cultural field. This device is also “open to dissident Russian artists”, says the Ministry of Culture.

09:15 : Let’s go to the newsstand now, as long as it doesn’t rain. Some are again dominated by the war in Ukraine, seen from Lviv, Odessa or France.

10:37 : These are the first titles of next Sunday, March 13:

• Final blow for the Paralympic Games in China. Fourth in the medal table, France closes the competition with 12 podiums, including two last night: Arthur Bauchet won gold in the slalom and the Chalençon-Daviet pair won silver in the open cross-country relay.

• Western Ukraine is not spared. According to the local administration, Russian troops have bombed a military base in the Lviv region, about 20 kilometers from the Polish border. In the south of the country, Mariupol hopes for the arrival of a humanitarian convoy. Follow us live.

• Chinese health authorities announce that they have identified nearly 3,400 cases in 24 hours, a record number since the epidemic started in February 2020. They are rushing to stop the outbreaks by limiting the affected areas, populated by millions of people.

• Anger and cry for calm on the Island of Beauty. Eleven days after the attack in Yvan Colonna prison, a large demonstration is expected in Bastia at 3 p.m. with the slogan: “truth and justice” for the independence activist, always between life and death.