5 dog sports to discover

In addition to strengthening your bond with your dog, practicing a dog sport will help keep your pet in good health. explanation.

Whether in simple leisure or in competition, the dog sports get your dog to exercise regularly.

Dog sport: what is it?

The dog sports bring together a series of physical activities dedicated to your pet.

They are specially designed to meet his exercise needs, educate him and allow him to develop his intellectual and physical abilities.

What sport do you practice with your dog?

Before looking at the different dog sports, the choice of a discipline should match your pet’s profile and needs.

You have to consider his age, his stamina and his ability to perform exercises of varying or gradual complexity. When practicing agility or, for example, the ring, size and breed must also be taken into account. Ask your vet for advice.

When to exercise with your dog

Don’t start an activity right after your dog’s meal. Wait at least an hour. Otherwise, you risk causing digestive problems.

Likewise, not all dog sports are suitable for puppies. Indeed, their joints remain vulnerable for up to 10 months. In all cases, ask your vet for advice. It will give you additional information about the activities involved, including whether they are appropriate for your pet.

What are dog sports?

Agility, ring, canicross, frisbee dog, rhythmic obé… Discover 5 dog sports.


Agility consists of organizing an obstacle course. stock.adobe.com

Dog sport par excellence, agility challenges your dog’s stamina, observation and speed. This discipline consists of organizing an obstacle course, the difficulty and duration of which varies according to the skills and habits of your pet.

He has to chain as fast as possible slalom events, passage through a tunnel or on a ramp, jump hurdles. This is a dog sport that is suitable for all dogs.

Like the CNEAC (Commission for Education and Cynophilic Activities), many organizations offer this activity in clubs and in the form of competitions. We then distinguish different categories based on the size of the dogs’ withers.

The ring

Show ring is an obedience sport for dogs. stock.adobe.com

the ring is an obedience sport for dogs. This activity can be regarded as an evaluation of his training.

Indeed, the discipline assesses the animal’s ability to respond to its master’s commands and control its bite. A defense dog certificate is required to practice the ring at the first level. As an indication, this sport has three.

The dog’s performance is subject to the following tests and exercises:

  • stockades and jumping hurdles
  • stretch tests
  • the bite with defense of the master, frontal or fleeing attack

Here too you can contact a recognized organization such as the CUN-CBG (or the National Commission for the Use of Sheepdogs and Watchdogs).


Canicross consists of performing a sporting race with your animal. stock.adobe.com

Suitable for all dogs with a withers of at least 45 cm, the canicross consists of performing a sporting race with your animal. In this dog sport, the dog is generally fastened to the waist of its owner with a 2 meter long (more or less elastic) belt.

You can practice canicross in different environments, such as urban routes, forest trails or in the countryside. The distance of the courses is usually between 2 and 9 kilometers, depending on the stamina and habits of your dog.

You can indulge yourself with variants on the bicycle, rollerblade and scooter.

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The frisbee dog

The frisbee dog consists of throwing the object in such a way that the dog catches it in full flight. stock.adobe.com

As the name suggests, the frisbee dog consists of throwing a frisbee so that the dog catches it in the air. The casting distance is variable. Likewise, the animal can perform stunts to reach the Frisbee before it hits the ground.

It is necessary to communicate excellently with your four-legged friend and align your actions with his.

During competitions, practicing the frisbee dog is often spectacular. Again, the CNEAC provides a calendar of upcoming competitions according to the months of the current year.

The rhythmic obé

Rhythmic obe is a sport of obedience and rhythmic dancing. stock.adobe.com

The rhythmic obé combines obedience tests with a rhythmic dance. Originally from Northern Europe, this canine sport requires excellent coordination with the dog.

The choreographies consist of figures of varying complexity. The master and the animal must perform the dances with as few mistakes as possible.

Reflection and flexibility are also required to perform smooth sequences. The rhythmic obé takes a long time to learn, but its practice remains all the more rewarding for humans, as it is for animals.