72% of the French would like to see more women’s sports on television, but we are not there yet

Despite the French’ hunger for women’s sports on television and the audience records for the 2019 Women’s World Cup, parity is far from effective on our screens. Will the Women’s Euro 2022, which starts today, finally eradicate prejudice?

Kick off of the Women’s Soccer Euro on July 6, 2022! Good news, you can follow the matches on television, because they are broadcast in full by the channels of the TF1 group. Many of us are already delighted… Because the passion of the French for women’s sport has grown in recent years.

Proof, 55% of French people claim to watch women’s sports on television and 72% even wish there were more, according to a recent study conducted by the TF1 group with the journal Causette. However, for 85% of respondents, the media still too often makes women’s sporting events invisible on our screens.

Only 19% of the airtime spent on sports is spent on sportswomen…

The airtime devoted to women’s sports is therefore far from equal. According to 2021 figures revealed by the CSA and the Department of Sports, only 19 to 20% of the total hourly volume spent on sports by the broadcasters is for sportswomen.

A grade, albeit in the elevator – screen time spent reporting women’s protests grew 248% between 2011 and 2019, but still inconclusive. But why is the media attention for women’s sports holding back three assists?

A matter of prejudice… and money

This one The delay is primarily due to prejudices that are still persistent: “Women are less good than men”, “Their matches are less impressive, less interesting”, and we go. If you’ve never heard these comments around you when discussing the topic of women’s sports, it’s because we don’t live on the same planet (at least in France).

Not surprisingly, our society and its patriarchal system still holds many stereotypes about women and sports. High-level women’s history has long suffered from this and is still struggling to break free from it.

Especially since television channelseven in 2022, fear again and again that women’s sport mobilizes a smaller audience than for men† Understand that fewer viewers also means less money for the channel. CQFD. Given this observation, why risk highlighting women when men’s sports already generate billions?

And the vicious circle has only just begun: if you think there is no audience, there is no dissemination and therefore no visibility. Without visibility, few fans, and therefore little money for the clubs who can therefore make no investment… for the fans. Are you still following?

However Women’s World Cup 2019 who crowned the United States team worn by Megan Rapinoe, showed just the opposite. That’s how it was when our national players were on the field: with every performance by the French women (and not only!), audience records followed one another. The final even became the most watched program of the year, with 1.2 billion viewers. And there was a real craze surrounding Corinne Deacon’s players, until their departure in the quarterfinals by the Americans. “All behind the blue! † we could read, especially on social networks.

number 10, Clara Mateo Anthony Bibard/FEP/ICON SPORT –FFFF

Several women’s events will follow on television in 2022

But what then needs to be done so that women’s sport can establish itself sustainably and fairly on our screens? As a reminder, for years the only broadcasting time devoted to sports was for participants in the mixed championships, like the Olympics or tennis tournaments.

The rise of all-female sporting events is particularly recent and is finally giving women the opportunity to find their place little by little. And the year 2022 has not yet said the last word.

The Euro Women’s Football will be held until July 31 and will be broadcast by the channels of the TF1 Group. rebellion, in October 2022 for the Women’s Rugby World Cup and a month later for the Women’s Handball Championship.

And that’s not all (and that makes us happy): you can also follow the very first edition of the Tour de France women on July 24, 2022 on the channels of the France Télévisions group. Who will be the yellow jersey? Mystery. One thing is certain: it will be a woman, finally a sportswoman who is recognized at her right level. And that makes us happy. Very easy.

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Featured Image: © Anthony Bibard/FEP/ICON SPORT –FFFF