A blue heart taken by sports personalities, symbol of such a beautiful project near Perpignan

PSG player Thilo Kehrer (left) or ex-rugby player Henry Tuilagi and support the project led by Virginie and Caroline (c.).

They are called Virginia and Caroline. These two young women from Eastern Pyrenees, specialized educators, have been moving heaven and earth for almost a year to support Autism 66 Esperanza† Of “What a beautiful project”, they have enabled this Catalan association to better understand the future. But above all, it offered autistic people in the department a better coaching, personalized and focused on social inclusion. News Perpignan met them.

“What a beautiful project” for Autism 66

Educators specializing in liberal education, Caroline and Virginie have been working with the Autism 66 Esperanza association for many years. In contact with the latter, young women notice an increasing demand urgently in the P.-O., where support for severe autism is faced with the harsh reality of lack of resources.

“In the Pyrenees-Orientales, the structures those welcome autistic people are sated. Compared to other pathologies, autism requires that an educator for an autist† It is very specific”, Virginie summarizes.

Sale of bracelets, t-shirts… and rousquilles!

Affiliated with Autism Franceexisting since 2013, Autism offers 66 parental grace thanks to the educators who offer their services. “But the association didn’t have a lot of money to use specialized personnel » says Caroline.

“We wanted to do something to generate interest in this association, and also generate funds. The end goal? Engage other educators to help grow the association. We could only stay two, we were inundated with requests for care and support,” continues Virginie. Together the two women decide to launch “What a beautiful project”in June.

First, they create and sell a bracelet decorated with a blue heart, the symbol of autism. These bracelets, which are sold all over the department, through communication on social networks, have mainly carried the image of the project and generated external donations, patrons and various resources. ” There have been a snowball effect »laughs Caroline.

Support from the sports world

The concept is subsequently rejected, with the sale of a t shirts (see photos) and even Rousquilles personalized Different personalities from the sports world lend themselves to the game, starting with the players or former players from usa, Lucas Bachelier, the illustrious Henry Tuilagi, but also the president of the Toulouse Stadium Didier Lacroix or the coach Xavier Garbajosa, who also became the sponsor of the project.

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Recently Virginie and Caroline hit even harder by posting a photo of the player of the Paris Saint-Germain Thilo kehrer, also supporting “Such a beautiful project”. In just a few months, the educators pointed out all spotlights to the association Autism 66 Esperanza.

The solidarity city of Soler

Until now, the latter had the opportunity to take advantage of a local in the community pollestra, made available by the Mayor Jean-Charles Moriconi. But unfortunately the area did not allow to accommodate more than three young people at a time.

So the young women asked the mayor of Soler: Armelle Revel Fourcade, who already supported Autism 66 by donating the money raised during the Color Run, which is organized every year. The city of Soler is now made available a house of 151m2 an ideal setting for the association to receive young autistic people in excellent conditions (kitchen, meals, sensory room, vegetable garden, playground, etc.)

“The goal is the social inclusion of these young autistic people”

“Over the past few months we have been able to welcome More and more young people† The ultimate idea is that we can welcome young people with autism in September every dayand that’s us six educators, to meet the needs of families as much as possible. This is a real need that has been identified in our department. The urgency is there continues Virginie, describing the process of supporting these young people:

We welcome to the association and we have a goal of inclusion. This is our project. We don’t want to leave them alone in a closed place. We accompany them to play sports, for some in schools… The primary goal of Autism 66 is the social integration of these severely autistic young people.

carolinaCo-founder “Un si beau project” and teacher “Autism 66 Esperanza”

the Saturday April 2nd Bee 11 hours, the Autism 66 house in Soler becomes official inaugurated. An important step in the development of the association, much to the delight of its good fairies and the families with whom they have worked hand in hand since the launch of this wonderful project.

Such a beautiful project with “The Silence of the Righteous”

For several months, Caroline and Virginie have been in regular contact with all the professionals of the largest French association specializing in the support of autistic people: “Le Silence des Justes”, founded 25 years ago. Experts in the field provide final instructions and greatly assist the two young women in their endeavours. Nationally recognized, “Le Silence des Justes” was the initiative of the film “Hors Norme” (by Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano), released in 2019 with Vincent Cassel and Reda Khateb. The shooting of this feature film took place within this association.

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