A breath for Henique, no sparks for Grousset, Manaudou at the World Cup without swimming

Mélanie Henique won her 10th title of French champion in the 50m butterfly this Saturday, achieving the minimum to qualify for the Budapest Worlds, as did Florent Manaudou, who qualified without a swim.

Mélanie Henique had to wait until the weekend to participate and take her 10th title of French champion in the 50m butterfly in Limoges. De Marseillaise won in 25″62 and achieved the minimums for the World Championships, from June 18 to 25 in Budapest, and for the European Championships in August, beating her teammate Marie Wattel in 26″26.

She tested for the first time what she has been working on since the start of the season: a 50m without breathing. “It’s another way of learning that can bring me something good this summer, and we continue to have fun, that’s the most important thing. It teaches me to go to the end of the 50 meters, which I don’t have. to the first 25m and I struggled to finish. I think I can swim much faster and it makes me want more,” she explains to RMC Sport.

Another medal chance

After complicated weeks, this win allows her to qualify for the next World Cup, she who brought the bronze medalist back over the distance in 2011. After the disappointment of the Tokyo Olympics and the elimination in the semifinals of the 50m NL, de Marseillaise moved on to the professional circuit of the ISL. “We’ve been cutting for two or three weeks and it obviously wasn’t enough. Plus I sprained my ankle, but I’m still going to the ISL. Everything in good shape and the ISL wasn’t great.”

Henique then cuts the month of December and skips the French Championships and then the World Championships in short. But in February she had to stop again after the death of her brother: “I was at the bottom of the hole and it was super hard. It was emotionally very moving and I was empty, empty, empty. It was very heavy and fortunately all the staff, the group were there, that Julien (his trainer Jacquier) was there. It allowed me to get that tonight, to surpass himself and I hope he’s proud of me up there.” Mélanie Henique will be aligned this Sunday on the 50m en.

Grousset without sparks, Manaudou at the World Cup without swimming

Only one creature is missing… Florent Manaudou forfeited the 50m NL after an inflammation in his knee, Maxime Grousset kept his title in 22″28. Without sparks and without reaching the minimums for the world championships in Budapest.” I was” I wasn’t tired, I just wasn’t ready for the 50m, slice Grousset. I’ll pay cash for the shoulder injury. This morning I was still in pain. I tried to focus on what needed to be done and I’m swimming a little faster tonight, but it still doesn’t live up to my expectations.”

Florent Manaudou, the 2012 London Olympic champion, watched the 50m NL final from the stands and didn’t have to shake much for his spot in Hungary. Two swimmers had to pass the minimum required by the federation, which was not the case. Manaudou, with his time from the Tokyo Games, will therefore be there in June.

Maxime Grousset, who already won the 50m butterfly and the 100m NL with two very good times, should be able to participate in the 50m NL in Budapest together with Manaudou. “I don’t know how it’s going to work, I’m going to ask because I think it’s a great race to do at the European Championships and World Cup. I think I can really kick it up a notch because I’m really standing not at the top. I hope I can do it.”

However, the New Caledonia swimmer had a “mixed” record from his French championships. “Honestly I knew. Overall it’s not terrible. The 50m butterfly is not terrible, the 100m NL is good but not terrible. The 50 is even worse. What’s good is that I win all three races. “

Julien Richard, in Limoges