a “discount at the pump of 15 cents per liter” from April 1 to curb price increases

A « discount at the pump of 15 cents per liter » applies from 1er April and for four months for all French, to cope with rising fuel prices, was announced on Saturday March 12 by Jean Castex in an interview with the Parisian

This measure, which will cost the State approximately 2 billion euros, concerns both households and businesses and will “valid on all fuels”said the prime minister. “This means that for every 60 litre, you save 9 euros”so he judged.

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This discount will take place at the time of payment, at the cash register or by credit card at the pump, and therefore will not be directly visible on the prices displayed at the entrance of the station, further specified the head of government.

If the state “will repay” than the distributors, Jean Castex called them, just like the “oil tankers”to do yourself “a complementary gesture”“How the French would understand that they pay a full tank of diesel for 2 euros, while the oil companies are still making huge profitshe wondered. “If the State makes an effort of 15 cents per litre, and that they, for example, require an effort of 5 cent is fine 20 pennies to end up in the pockets of the French”he said by way of incitement.

Another measure in light of rising energy

Jean Castex made sure that professionals were affected by the measure and sent an additional message to the fishermen, whose “fleet of boats” East “very fuel consuming”“We are working with municipalities on measures to lower their social and port fees”he announced.

In an effort to counter the effects of the months-long rise in energy prices, exacerbated by the Russian war in Ukraine, the government has already taken a series of measures: freezing the gas price, limiting the rise in the electricity, the special energy check, the inflation allowance for 38 million people or the scaling up of the kilometer allowance.

This series of decisions weighs more than 20 billion euros, according to the prime minister, who must also reveal next week “a resilience plan” deal with the consequences of the war economically and socially.

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Asked about a possible lawsuit against clientelism less than a month before the first round of the presidential elections, the head of government argued that the fuel price “the first concern of the French”“See me say, ‘Go on, there’s nothing to see!’ because there are elections in less than thirty days? It is not my understanding of my responsibility”launched Jean Castex.

The announcement caused some Elysée contenders to react: insufficient for National Rally (RN) candidate Marine Le Pen, who “The government makes fun of us by cutting the price by 15 cents” ten days before the first round on April 10.

The communist candidate (PCF), Fabien Roussel, for his part, asked the government to go ahead and block prices at 1.70 euros per litre.