a morning exercise to make people aware of the risks of cardiovascular disease

After two years of cancellation due to Covid-19, regarding…

After two years of cancellation due to Covid-19, as with so many other activities, President Josiane Stefanuto wants to kick off her highlight of the year in health prevention. The motto is “exercise to prevent cardiovascular disease. And let’s talk about it. In particular, to say that women are now more concerned than men, at 60% versus 40%. They lead three lives, their family life, with the children, their professional life and their personal life. †

While men benefit from the fruits of fifty years of clinical trials, there is nothing equivalent for women, who are less well diagnosed and less well cared for. With them in mind, the Parcours du cœur will take place on Sunday morning, “so they can take their time,” hopes the president, who has been head of the club since 2014.

Support and prevent

This moment of promotion of physical activity, carried out by the French Federation of Cardiology, on which the club of Mons depends, has existed at national level for almost fifty years. The money raised during the Parcours du cœur is used to fund research and study grants. The most recent concern the effects of Covid-19 on cardiovascular disease.

Josiane Stefanuto, president of the Mont-de-Marsan Heart and Health Club, in the background.

Thibault Toulemonde

The Heart and Health Club guides people with a heart condition on a daily basis when they return home, in rehabilitation after hospitalization or in case of proven risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes or overweight. They are also monitored by a referring cardiologist, outside the medical community. “These are often traumatized, destabilized people,” the president said. A heart attack is brutal. “And also for loved ones. “Everyone can be confronted with it, in the family, the environment or at work. It falls on you without warning,” she recalls.

“Anyone can face a cardiovascular problem, whether in the family, those around them or at work. It falls on you without warning”

On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm, the approximately thirty members participate in adapted physical education classes, given by a sports health teacher, in a room of the Maison des Associations Camille-Pédarré made available free of charge by the City. “The most important thing is to listen to your body, push it a little but not too much and most of all, exercise regularly. †

A cycling circuit for everyday sport

“There are phenomena that we can respond to, Josiane emphasizes Stefanuto. It is enough to refer to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), in particular to stop smoking, promote a balanced diet and regular physical activity. After that, of course, there are times when it’s hard to go all out. “And the president to make an appeal to young people, because a sedentary lifestyle is weakening their health capital earlier and earlier. “It’s a ticking time bomb,” she warns.

So they too will be able to start on June 12 on circuits that are accessible to all target groups. Josiane Stefanuto hopes that several hundred people will attend the meeting. New this year is the cycling circuit, 15 to 20 kilometers long, “devised by the Mont2Roues association, with which we have good connections”, laughs the main organizer. It will use developed areas or cycle paths in the agglomeration to discover routes that can promote daily physical activity without a car. Something to take care of your heart without realizing it.

Contact: Mont-de-Marsan Heart and Health Club. Such an. 05 58 75 79 23 or 06 20 32 48 94. Email: [email protected]