a new urban sports trend and a new option for outdoor activities

As income rises, the demand for vacations and leisure continues to grow. Consumers are no longer satisfied with traditional hobbies such as sightseeing, hiking, mountaineering or cycling, so ‘personalized’ activities are becoming increasingly popular.

On the occasion of the beautiful spring weather, two sports activities appear as new possibilities for weekend recreation: Frisbee and flag football.

1. frisbee

Originating in the United States in 1948, the Frisbee was originally a round food tray and now has a standard size and weight. It has evolved from a simple throwing and catching activity to a sport with over ten official international competitions, the most popular of which is Ultimate Frisbee.


Ultimate frisbee (or ultimate) is a collective sport that is easy to play for beginners, against two teams of 5 or 7 players. The goal is to score points by running on the ground by running successive passes between players of the same team to the opponent’s end zone and catching the disc there. It should be noted that while passing, the disc must not touch the ground and if it does, the offense and defense change immediately.


What is the magic of this sport that attracts so many participants? A manager of an ultimate club in Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province in eastern China, simply replied, “Because of the spirit of Frisbee. The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) sums it up like this: “Know the rules, avoid body contact, enjoy the game, play fair, communicate with respect. This sport has no referees and forbids physical contact, but at the same time respects the autonomy of the sport and the fairness of the competition, with everyone respecting the rules and their opponents.” Hold back to really enjoy the freedom,” he added.


More and more people are becoming more and more enthusiastic about the frisbee that there is a positive and friendly atmosphere in the practice of the frisbee: clapping, encouragement, help, party… A woman passionate about frisbee explained: “For the first time I walked into the field with men. Frisbee seemed to bridge the gender gap and brought us closer together.”

2. Football Flag

By avoiding physical contact, flag football is also becoming an increasingly popular urban sport.

Named for the flags that are hung around the players’ waists, the sport is a safe, non-contact team sport where standing or pushing is prohibited. When the defending team with the ball shoots a flag from the attacking player, the attack on the field is stopped.

Unlike regular American football, flag football is more accessible to the general public and more suitable for fitness for everyone. Its appeal lies in the fact that it retains American football characteristics such as varied tactics, teamwork and speed. At the same time, it is easy to play for beginners, with lightweight equipment and cool accessories, making it very popular among young people.


A football fan from Beijing, who has been practicing the sport for four years, said: “It is not only a physical game, but also an intelligent game that requires trust and cooperation. Fighting together for the defense, applauding for an achievement, and that’s where fun and friendship come from, right? †

No game level, just the fun of the moment. Sport is not just about winning and it also teaches you philosophy of life in health, happiness, courage or friendship, while you practice it.