A Varois joins the Continuity e-sports team, dedicated to the Rocket League game

Aldi France announced last March its desire to create its team of amateur players for the Rocket League game. The lucky winners will have the chance to experience the life of a professional esports team for six months.

A total of 1,242 players in teams of three took part in qualifying tournaments.

At the end of the qualifiers, a final took place between the four trios to determine the big winner. Fabien talks about his experience.

Can you imagine yourself: your age, your character, the studies you study?

My name is Fabien Viazzi, I am 22 years old and I study computer science, with a focus on programming. I am a rather reserved and calm person.

How long have you been playing video games? Which game(s) did you start with?

Yes, I’ve always played video games, but first cooperative games on the Wii, which have to do with the family. I really enjoyed playing with my two brothers. When I was 8-10 years old, we played a lot of games from the Nintendo franchise, like Mario Kart or Mario Bros. It was already the match then.

How did you discover your current favorite game, Rocket League?

I am a consumer of YouTube videos. I discovered Rocket League by watching one of the creators I followed, JZR, who is English. He had an approach free style of the game, so a specific aspect, as is the case with football. I wanted to reproduce that myself and bought the game.

Thanks to videos and hours of training, I made rapid progress.

Tell us about your tournament registration, what it means to you… Who did you start your team with?

When I was semi-professional, I regularly played online tournaments to test myself against the best players and stand out. When I saw that this tournament was open to everyone… It was a unique opportunity.

A tournament of this magnitude, organized by streamers recognized in the game, it was a chance to go to another dimension. As I went ahead with the composition of my team, I already had a certainty, it was to play with Tano (one of his selected teammates). I met him during an online tournament. I had played against him and at the end of the competition we met on an online server to talk. We had a good feeling and started playing together regularly. For the last member I had no idea and I trusted Tano. He had told me about Eclipe, who he knows a little about and who has a good level of play. In the end it was a great meeting and he became a friend.

How was this tournament?

It’s a crazy experience because our qualifying was super complicated. We participated in the first three qualifying tournaments. The first we finished second, the next too. In the third tournament we stopped in the quarter finals. We only had one chance to succeed by winning the last tournament and we took it.

At the beginning we were aware of our potential, but the series of eliminations left us in doubt. We had lost hope of qualifying, but we made it.

And the final?

It was a special format. We didn’t face the other teams directly in matches.

Each member had to endure challenges. For example, answering questions about the history of the Aldi company, succeeding in scoring a certain type of goal, or even free style, etc

There was even the option to create a bonus video by presenting himself in front of the camera in a funny way.

In the end, we succeeded in our challenges and the jury selected us. We were very proud to be selected, especially considering our obstacle course.

How do you deal with this new life, and what does your daily life look like?

Pretty good, I’m lucky to have an entourage that reassures and trusts me. Above all, I am determined to do things right, to restore the trust that everyone has in me.

As far as my pace of life is concerned, not much changes from normal. I was already playing more or less 25 hours a week, just like with the program.

The difference is that my education is now supervised. I discuss with Rasmelthor, the coach, what I am doing well or not well and we are working to make progress.

Explain to us the role of the ambassadors who guide you in this project.

Rasmelthor takes care of the sports section. With his experience and his vision of the game, he takes care of the training and tries to help us move forward. Lutti is the team manager.

It is with him that we switch when we have the slightest question. He is responsible for the image part of the structure and the players.

What are the openings at the end of the program ending in December?

There is no certain outlet at the end of the program. This is also the reason why I continue my studies in parallel.

My main goal is to have fun, to fully enjoy the chance to live these experiences in such a closed environment. Then, like any good competitor, I will try to perform well to stand out.

With the possibility of signing a professional contract in a structure.

I’m lucky to be in, it opens a lot of doors and allows me to create my network.