Achievements and benevolence in the sports village of the Rennes International Fair

Also this year, the Regional Olympic and Sports Committee of Brittany (Cros) will be the main architect of the promotion of sport at the Rennes International Fair. In addition, some twenty disciplines come together on almost 5,000 m2: rugby, basketball, dance, gymnastics, gouren, table tennis, sailing, bowling, French boxing and even cycling.

“A great feast of all sports”

A real satisfaction for Yannick Morin, president of Cros Bretagne: It will be a big celebration of sports, of all sports. Last edition we welcomed between 2,500 and 3,000 students, but also families. Everyone can come and try out different practices, discuss with educators and volunteers and make the best possible choice.

Basketball court, ping pong tables, parkour modules… It’s hard not to find an activity that suits your needs, or even two. You thrive in both individual and team sports. Once you have found your passion, all you need is good support.

Conferences to understand

A major novelty for this 95th edition, the organization of themed days with animations and conferences on topics such as parasport, sport and sustainable development, women and sport or even the next Olympic Games in Paris 2024. The benefits of sport in the workplace for the health of employees is also discussed (as part of the Bret’on Mouv system) and sports practice by seniors.

More difficult but unfortunately current topics, such as sexual violence against minors, are also discussed: Sports don’t sit in an ivory tower. It is not immune to problems that affect society as a whole. The most important thing is to stop hiding and talk about it, to help the victims and support the volunteers.

Finally, a number of highlights will be organised. Starting with the arrival of the French gymnastics team and athletes who will participate in the next Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Without forgetting the demonstrations, events, exhibitions and multiple competitions. There will even be an escape game.

Better prevent violence against minors

The day of March 22 is all about raising awareness of the sexual violence that minors are victims of in sport. A conference, at 5.30pm, will notably discuss the traumas of Sarah Abitbol and Sébastien Boueilh, without these two athletes being present.

The speed skater Sarah Abitbol, ​​​​ten-time champion of France, multiple medalist at the European and world championships, has been silent for 30 years. In January 2020 his book was published with the title Such a long silence tells of his rape at the age of 15 by his trainer. A testimony that makes it possible to break the omerta and show that sport, for all its values, is not, like our entire society, exempt from cases of sex scandals.

Colossus with feet of clay

This fight is also that of Sébastien Boueilh. Sébastien, a former rugby player, was also a victim of rape during his adolescence. He founded the association in 2013. Colossus with feet of clay† Sébastien works in clubs, schools…

In six years, his association has raised awareness among 165,000 children and registered nearly 3,000 testimonials, including a quarter in the sports world. Today seven federations are involved in this process and many athletes support its actions such as Nathalie Péchalat (figure skating), Céline Dumerc (basketball) or Thierry Dussautoir (rugby XV).

Sébastien Boueilh is now campaigning to make the verification of bulletin No. 2 of the criminal record mandatory for all volunteers who supervise minors. Without leaving the field of prevention and assistance to victims

A day to discover para sports

On Monday 21 March there is a day dedicated to the theme of parasport. © DR

Bringing together sports practices for people with disabilities without making a difference? A nice idea. On Monday 21 March, the Breton Regional Olympic and Sports Committee (Cros Bretagne), in collaboration with the Disabled Sports League, the Adapted Sports League and the French Paralympic Sports Committee, is organizing a day dedicated to this theme. On the programme: conferences, but also numerous activities such as wheelchair rugby, adapted basketball, table tennis, dance and gymnastics.

Discover the Lü device

The organizers also invited all the Department’s Medical Education Institutes (IME) to participate in the event in order to mix practitioners as much as possible. It should be noted that the regional committee of ASPTT Brittany will join the celebration by introducing the Lü device, which will allow both children and adults to have fun thanks to virtual reality, regardless of their athletic skills. For your information, handisport is intended for people with motor, visual and hearing disabilities, while adapted sport concerns all kinds of disabilities (mental or psychological). The difficulty often lies in the lack of supervision or support for athletes.