After LOSC – ASSE (0-0) / Offensive poverty, concern Renato Sanches: Lille confronts its doubts for Chelsea

The bronca of the Lille public at the final whistle says it all. It not only validated Lille’s result, which was held in check by Saint-Etienne (0-0) after two wins in a row at Lyon (0-1) and then against Clermont (4-0). It reflects the disappointment of the Northern supporters, who hoped their Mastiffs would repeat the successful offensive against the Clermontois. To say they failed is an understatement. LOSC showed almost nothing in the attack for 90 minutes.

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A very small Lille encounters a brave Saint-Étienne


Wednesday’s encounter with Chelsea in the Champions League can hardly explain Lille’s disappointing performance. Jocelyn Gourvennec and Amadou Onana were responsible for rejecting this hypothesis at Prime Video’s microphone after the meeting. In any case, there were too many stakes for this to be the case. The northern club had to confirm its good dynamism of the moment by linking another win that would have propelled him, even temporarily, into the Top 5 of the standings. And placed back in the race for the Champions League.

Chelsea could be wiped off the map today

It is this objective that Lille failed to achieve. It could hardly be otherwise with only two worthy chances in the entire game, Zeki Çelik’s shot back over the post in the first half and Onana’s header wide of the target in the second. †We have two great chances, there is no otherGourvennec summarized. We struggled to get into the opponent’s square. Saint-Etienne defended very well and we were not very creative. The ranking is misleading, the team is currently in good shape

Sanchez? “It seems compromised for Wednesday”

The quality of the defensive performance of the Greens, who are sending increasingly positive signals in the race to keep, certainly needs to be underlined. But it doesn’t justify Lille’s lack of offensive animation. From this point of view, Onana’s observation is not attractive. †We struggled to create chances, we had a lot of waste and unnecessary loss of the balllamented the Lille midfielder. The lawn is no excuse. We need to rethink our attacking game, look for one-twos, combinations. We didn’t do anything up front for me tonight.”

Should we rebuild around Messi, Neymar or divorce?

Renato Sanches’ injured exit in the first period did not help. The Portuguese is often the particle accelerator of Lille’s playing, due to his percussion and his creativity. Liked to be the victim of a hamstring injury during a strike, the former Bayern player is unsure whether to take on Chelsea. †We missed him tonight, he is a player who sets the pace, who can organize, direct the matchGourvennec explained at a press conference. Tomorrow (Saturday) we have exams, I hope it goes well. It seems compromised for Wednesday (in the Champions League against Chelsea, editors note) but I am waiting for the results

The Mastiffs still have a few positives to hold on to before they stand shoulder to shoulder with the Blues, winners in the first leg at Stamford Bridge (2-0). Starting with a fifth consecutive clean sheet in the competition. But they gave themselves more doubts than certainties. †We didn’t manage to pack the match, to take the audience with usregretted Gourvennec. We have five days to prepare for a monumental achievement. We have the right to dream. It will be necessary to disrupt Chelsea, which will not be easy. It will be necessary to create the conditions for the encounter to turn into the irrational.“Quite the opposite of the tacky spectacle being offered against the Greens.

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