after the coronation of Montpellier, Guilhem Guirado leaves like a hero

2:32 pm, June 25, 2022

He laughs, Guilhem Guirado, he laughs a lot. A magnum of champagne at her feet, a headband still on her head, but it’s the smile that overshadows everything. He would have liked to have shown it more often in recent years. Especially the one where he was the standard of France’s XV, but the standard of defeats, disappointments, frustrations and weekends looked bleak. So he kept smiling. Captaining the Blues thirty-four times in 74 selections, the Catalan whore lowered the curtain on his immense career with a champion of France title won Friday night with Montpellier against Castres (29-10).

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Thirteen years after parting ways with Perpignan, his training club. “There has been a lot of suffering in my career, difficult years, admits the whore. But I leave with dignity, pride. I didn’t think I’d be able to taste this again. But in life you should always persevere and believe in your dreams. I’m 36 years old, it’s quite an old age, you have to know when to stop at the best time and that’s really the best time…”

He wanted to finish in the Stade de France

A few months ago, Guirado had a dream. Imagined, deep down, without formalizing it out loud, that he could leave through the front door of the Stade de France. “When I played my last Six Nations tournament here in 2019, I didn’t know if I would get the chance to play in this stadium one last time. says the 36-year-old whore. But when I came back last November to see the Blues against New Zealand, seriously, I felt it would be fantastic to finish here. I didn’t want to get carried away, but I thought about it. My family and my friends were there tonight, it’s something very strong. It’s so beautiful to be able to leave with stars in your eyes and with the Brennus. †

It’s so beautiful to be able to leave with stars in your eyes and with the Brennus

Just like Loïc Jacquet, CO second-line and who also ended his career on Friday evening, his opponents were “very happy for him” “Finishing on a shield is the holy grail. † His teammates, they “played for him” as entrusted by the opening half of the MHR, Paolo Garbisi† “I played next to a legend”the Italian formulated.

A coronation on the edge of the field

Yet history has pulled Guirado one last time a nasty trick. The Catalan slipped out of the small locker room door on the 27th to answer concussion protocol questions after a shock on the lawn. “I did not react positively to the tests, says the former Blues captain. At first, the fourth referee told me it was okay, that I could go back in. But at the edge of the field I am then asked for the ten protocol words. Within a few minutes I had forgotten them. We had to memorize them, repeat them and you can imagine with the stakes, the pressures, I wasn’t focused on that at all. They didn’t take any chances. †

Guirado then returned to the substitutes’ bench and hugged every member of the coaching staff and every player. Long hugs. Mixed with a few tears. The participant then took his place, trampled the technical area, passed some instructions, waiting for release. Eye to the stands, head held high. Red eyes again. Guilhem Guirado enjoyed the moment. His last moments as a player. Now with a precious piece of wood to accompany the dreams of all his subsequent nights.