After the hospitalization of two marathon runners, the CHU d’Angers warns athletes against heat stroke during exercise

Two marathoners were recently admitted to the intensive care unit at Angers University Hospital after suffering heat stroke. The hospital’s ventilators and sports doctors warn: Athletes and event organizers should follow some basic recommendations.

According to Professor Pierre Abraham, head of the sports medicine department of the CHU d’Angers, heat stroke “it will not happen that someone jogs for half an hour on a spring day it was a bit hot in Angershe explains.

These are efforts that often last extremely long and in contexts of fairly high temperatures or in cases where people have illnesses or drug problems that prevent them from dissipating their heat properly.

Professor Pierre Abraham

head of the sports medicine department of the CHU d’Angers

But tempers the hospital doctor”the risk is never zero

You can get severe heatstroke over short distances, about an hour of racing.explains Professor Abraham.

Everything is a matter of balance between the natural production by the muscle’s activity of heat and its evacuation

Besides, how come the body causes heat stroke?

Professor Abraham uses an amazing metaphor in his answer.

The human body with its muscles works just like your car.”

Professor Pierre Abraham

head of the sports medicine department of the CHU d’Angers

“A car burns gasoline with the oxygen in the air to make mechanical energy. Our muscles do the same thing, it burns glucose, proteins and lipids and it converts this energy into motion thanks to oxygen, explains Professor Abraham, this transformation produces a lot of heat. In the case of a car, it is evacuated through the radiator. In the human body, this heat must be dissipated at the level of the skin.

The temperature rise is not bad in itself, the sports doctor emphasizes.

Just as a vehicle needs to warm up to achieve better performance, the gradual rise in body temperature makes it possible to initiate beneficial chemical processes.

However “if you make a prolonged effort, your temperature will rise to 37.5 degrees and then 38 degrees“our head of the sports medicine department of the CHU d’Angers and”when your body can no longer dissipate the excess heat produced, the temperature rises to 39, 40 degrees or even above and there are very toxic effects on the cellshe explains.

And to describe in detail what makes the severity of heatstroke: “it is the destruction of cells in deep organs such as the kidney or liver that makes the severity of the disease

According to sports specialist Anjou, mortality in the most severe cases of heatstroke has fallen from about 1 in 3 affected people to less than 10% of cases in a decade thanks to the implementation of early care.

  • brilliance
  • nausea
  • headache
  • dizziness
  • abnormal fatigue
  • visual disturbances
  • incoherent comments

Here are some of the symptoms that indicate exercise heatstroke.

It is recommended that you regularly spray your face and neck with water and hydrate yourself before you get thirsty and before, during and after exercise.

The specialists of the CHU d’Angers confirm it: even at a temperature of 25 degrees, intense heat stroke can occur.

In the absence of wind and with high humidity, the body temperature rises and its regulation is made difficult or even impossible, causing these discomforts that can be very serious or even fatal.underlines Pierre Asfar, ventilator at the CHU of Angers.

Heat stroke can occur regardless of sports level, the hospital doctor recalls.

Trained athletes are also affected because they feel wrongly obliged to exceed their limits in the context of competition.

Various organizational recommendations are issued by the Ministry of Health and Sport.

In Angers, the “Tout Angers Bouge” sports festival has planned several urban routes around Lake Angers on Sunday, June 5 (Editor’s Note: Formerly Lac du Maine).

With routes from 8 to 28 km on routes that allow the crossing of many sites of the Anjou heritage.

Météo France predicts beautiful sunny periods and temperatures of around 15-16°. In the morning ideal weather for running, of course according to the recommendations.

You can find all the detailed advice to avoid exercise heatstroke.