Alexy Bosetti is about to have “the weekend of your life”

Almost on his way to Ligue 2 with Annecy, Niçois Alexy Bosetti (29), the gym still rooted in the heart, will travel to the Stade de France on Saturday in the Populaire Sud, for the Coupe de France final against Nantes. The striker tells RMC Sport about his excitement a few days before two decisive duels.

Alexy Bosetti, which match are you most afraid of: Friday’s match against Annecy or the final of OGC Nice on Saturday?

Friday’s against Bourg-en-Bresse of course. It will even condition the Saturday a bit (laughs). I really hope we get the job done, that we make sure we officially go up and behind me I can let go, decompress and have a good weekend. If we don’t win on Friday and we haven’t validated the climb, it’ll stay in my head, I won’t be quite there (note, at the Stade de France). The aim is therefore to be focused on the climb on Friday and after that we can have a good party in Paris, especially if there is the second victory.

What memory do you have of the 1997 title, the last one to date?

I was too young to know, but my father had gone there by train. He told my brother and me about it, showed us pictures. In 2006 (lost to Nancy before the final of the League Cup) I went there with him. It was complicated to get there full of hope and lose that way. I think we were ultra favorites.

25 years ago Fred Gioria lifted the cup, you knew it well…

He was my coach at the training center in Nice, I had him as a professional assistant, we were always close as people from Nice and in love with the club. He was captain in 1997, so he was the last Niçois to lift a trophy. We have certainly talked about it, but this date will of course remain memorable for all the people of Nice. I hope we won’t wait 25 years, if we win this weekend, to bring back another trophy.

“Christophe Galtier is the conductor of this team”

Andy Delort is the striker in form of the moment. He quickly put the supporters in his pocket…

He’s a guy from the south, so he’s a bit like us, he has an incredible grin, he’s close to the people, to the supporters. He’s a lodger, a fighter, he defends, he’s a dog, everything we love. He really is the perfect profile for OGC Nice and he is talented too. Having known him much younger, 13 years ago when we were at AC Ajaccio, he is also a great guy off the pitch. We have kept in touch ever since. When he signed in Nice, I was very happy and convinced that it would work.

Arriving in Nice, he said that he had always wanted to work under Christophe Galtier. Would you like too?

Galtier’s only mistake is that he is from Marseille (laughs). He definitely has the mentality to join the Nice crowd. Of course I would have liked to evolve under his command, I often played against him when he trained Saint-Etienne, we saw that “Sainté” was strong at the time and had a winning mentality. Christophe Galtier is for me the conductor of this team in terms of mentality. He brings this grinta, this desire to win titles like he did last year with Lille. He has that perk.

We’d call it an achievement if Nice won the Coupe de France, but Annecy’s rise in Ligue 2 would be too?

It is true that the season was not meant to end this way. We had hoped for a quiet season with the maintenance, we would have been happy. We were at the top very early and we are the team that has been on the podium the longest. We deserve to be there.

On a personal level you will experience a nice end to the season…

Yes, I have scored eight goals since January after a complicated period of almost two years without playing between the United States, the Covid, the return to France, the end of the championship last season, I was gaining weight physically. It took me six months to acclimate, get used to this team and the demands of the coach. The season is going well for me, we will do everything we can to keep it going for the last two games and next season.

A success on Friday, coupled with a Nice title on Saturday, would it be the best weekend of your season?

Ah, but that would be the order of my life! Going to Ligue 2 with the team and group we have would be incredible and the next day, Nice’s first trophy since 1997, almost my birth, it would be the weekend of a lifetime, not the season (laughs ).