all sports are affected, warns the Colossus association with feet of clay

Don’t let violence gain groundThis is the slogan of Colossus on clay feet. Founded in 2013 by a former rugby player who was a victim of sexual assault during his childhood and adolescence the association fights against all forms of violence in sport.

It’s not just sexual assault“explains Fabien Robert, referent of the association for the Pays de la Loire. “Moral violence, physical violence is very common because in sports we already have a different relationship with the body. We sometimes go to extremes. And so we also have this idea of ​​pain or acceptance of the effort that can influence certain behaviors that, from the outside, are considered violent behavior.

Sexual assault, hazing, intimidation, all sports are affected, but “possibly the risk is higher for individual sports because we end up with dual relationships between coaches practicing“Example in skating where former coach Gilles Beyer was charged in January 2021 for harassment and assault. Several skaters, including former champion Sarah Abitbol, ​​denounced his actions for being ignored.

freedom of opinion

Because clubs and leaders sometimes nip these things in the bud, Fabien recognizes Robert’s Unfortunately, yes. Sometimes the policy of the structure is that we don’t talk about it with the outside world,we arrange this between us so as not to damage the reputation of the structure or the athletes who are sometimes top notch† Today, when we intervene in clubs and structures, there is total transparency initially to help the victims, and then it doesn’t happen again.

It is still necessary for the victims to be able to express themselves. †They must come out of the fear or embarrassment the aggressor brings to find the courage to speak up. It’s really the first step, it’s talking. For a child, to find an adult he trusts to be guided and then put in place procedures

Advice and techniques to prevent the risk of aggression

Colossus on clay feet provides tools to avoid the risk of aggression. †We provide leaders with a charter of recommendations based on testimonials and real situations“. By first identifying the spaces conducive to these urges.”These are changing rooms, showers, transport, accommodation“. The association reminds clubs of a few simple gestures:”In changing rooms, for example, the door should be kept closed so as not to encourage voyeurism by adults or other people. Another example, “children and teens are asked to take their cell phone off and in their bag. It prevents them from taking pictures or videos with each other.

And then Fabien Robert insists on this culture of vigilance from club managers, especially when recruiting educators. †Professional sports educators must have a professional card that they must renew every five years. And it is thanks to this card that the Ministry of Sports can access files and see if this adult has the right to supervise minors“As for volunteers, the federations are in the process of setting up extensive integrity checks to oversee those in supervisory or leadership roles.

The Colosse aux pieds d’Argile association and the CDOS de la Sarthe are organizing a public meeting this Thursday evening in Montval-sur-Loir. Until 19:00 in the Foubert Hall.