“Aminata is not near this person”, Aminata Diallo’s lawyer emerges from the silence

EXCLUDED RMC SPORT – Tuesday morning, 6:15 am, in the Goutte d’Or district of Paris, BRB detectives of Versailles PJ retrieved a man, born in 1998. The person was already known to the police and was taken away detained in the investigation into the attack on Kheira Hamraoui last November. He was released at the end of the day without any charges being brought against him. For the first time, Aminata Diallo’s lawyer, Mourad Battikh, speaks about RMC Sport and explains who was the man presented by the media as “close” to the Parisian player.

Why speak today?

Mourad Battikh: I speak because I think enough is enough. Aminata is an exemplary sportswoman. Today, his name is still thrown in the woods. We’re putting it in a file that doesn’t concern it. She is presented as a relative of a person placed in police custody. It’s not near this person. He’s not a friend, he’s not even an acquaintance. It is a knowledge of a knowledge. Today, we’re making it all the rage at the expense of my client’s sports career. So too much is too much.

Has she never talked to him?

She had an exchange on Instagram with this person. She needed to fix up her apartment and people around her told her he was a handyman. And that he could therefore make himself available to carry out the work. Messages were exchanged on Instagram about the work that needed to be done. But from her first police custody, Aminata Diallo unlocked the phone and presented all messages transparently. It is not the behavior of someone who blames himself.

Research ? “obvious amateurism”

Why was this person interested in the BRB?

I can not tell you. Again, the researchers rushed. They seemed to be holding someone, who finally liked Aminata, released completely after a few hours of police custody. I don’t know what to say to you other than blatant amateurism.

After a quick start, the investigation has been progressing very slowly for several months…

For me this investigation makes no sense, my client was singled out and presented as the prime suspect in this case. And very soon, when she didn’t have a lawyer while in police custody, she emerged innocent. Today we are trying to mimic a movement around my client that has no place. Today Aminata Diallo has resumed her professional activity. She is an impeccable high-level sportswoman. The presentations made by the journalists through the prism of this chaotic investigation, this amateurism of the researchers, disadvantage my client.

Could it be heard again in the coming weeks?

She can audition again but since the beginning my client’s position has never changed, she is at the disposal of the courts. She wants the truth made around this file to turn the page and resume a serene life. Nowadays, when your name is Diallo, it is not easy to live with this sword of Damocles hanging over your head. The proliferation of articles in the newspapers creates a very worrying moral situation for Aminata Diallo.

How is she today?

She’s a fighter, she fights every day. She has an absolutely incredible inner strength, considering what she’s been through since November. But all this touches him…

His future is not written with PSG, this affair has a real impact on his career…

The last information I had in my possession was that Aminata Diallo’s profile was popular with PSG. They were interested in an extension. Of course, all this does not go in the direction of serenity surrounding this expansion. In retrospect I think PSG is a quiet club and I believe that no one will be fooled by the innocence of Aminata Diallo. So far PSG has had an impeccable policy around my client.

“She had nothing to do in this file”

What now for this case?

We are not aware of the continuation of the investigation. All we can see is the chaos surrounding this investigation. We started with Aminata Diallo, then several months of investigation into a person who had been placed in police custody. You have the impression that every time the mountain gives birth to a mouse. And that the detectives miss the reality of this file. I am not explaining wandering about the temporality of the investigation. And I won’t explain how my client ended up in this file. It remains a mystery. She had nothing to do with this file at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end.

She was still in the car…

She was in the vehicle with other PSG players. Several people in this file were freely auditioned. My client has been wrongfully detained. And today she suffers a lot from it. There was no reason to take her into custody. No. Nothing in the file justifies this placement in police custody.

What is his current relationship with Kheira Hamraoui?

Today she was very touched by this affair. The relationships she maintains with her teammates are professional. Afterwards, as in all professions, there are affinities with some more than others. I know she knows how to put emotions aside to serve the club, to continue the search for titles and matches won.

Interview by Nicolas Pelletier