Are esports pros too old at 25?

The fact is, professional video game professionals, on average, retire earlier than their basketball or football counterparts. It has become common to see champions of different disciplines − first-person shooters (or FPS), strategy or fighting games − give way to the next generation after celebrating their 26and or 27and birthday.

As explained Tea Washington Post it’s common to say that an e-athlete’s physical abilities decline in their mid-20s: “Reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and intellectual alertness” would decrease.

However, these oft-repeated arguments seem to have no medical basis., the journalist warns, citing the words of a physiotherapist who specializes in e-sports training. The latter admits that the loss of reflexes with aging is a well-known phenomenon, but that it does not occur until well after the quarter-century milestone. The American daily, which spoke to five young retirees from e-sports, is therefore exploring other avenues to explain these early retirements.

Intensive workouts

The main reasons that drive them to withdraw are stress, overwork, job insecurity and the desire to explore other things., note the title. For example, Johnathan Wendel, better known by his pseudonym “Fatal1ty”, was a former champion of several shooting games (including quake) That mouse and keyboard hung up 26: Invoking the decline in tournament winnings, he explains that he has found better ways to make his video game experience profitable, most notably by creating his brand of game accessories.

“Thresh” (real name Dennis Fong), who retired from video games at the age of 20, also shares his desire to devote himself to his businesses. Now 44, Thresh has remained a competitor at heart and convinced he could be in the top 100 players in any game if he put in the time. But as a family man and businessman, he prefers to play more for fun If the stakeholder explains that it is possible to fully devote oneself to video games in the 1920s, the task becomes delicate when one plans to start a family and run a business.

It turns out that the esports environment is demanding. “Seagull” (Brandon Larned) describes the intense training he had to undergo during his professional period: ten hours a day, six days a week, with the other members of his team. For him, as for many players questioned by the Washington Post, the experience turns into burnout, physical and mental exhaustion. Seagull is now exercising its talents on the Twitch platform – the rise of video streaming which offers new revenue streams that are often more profitable than the competition. “There is a lot of burnout in esports from ultra-intensive training”, explains Larned, who notes that “People don’t see professional video game practice as a real job

“It becomes an easy excuse to justify endless hours of practice.

“Self-fulfilling prophecy”

Worryingly, this overtime seems to have become the norm in the ultra-competitive esports world, explains the Washington Post† Keeping up with the pace of the training is a requirement sine qua non join a professional team. Young talents generally have accumulated many hours of play and are considered seasoned players from the age of 17.

This state of affairs also means that the best players, who want to keep their title, spend more and more hours in training. The title describes a cycle that fatigue leads to “to accelerate the aging of professional players and their increasingly early retirement, replaced by younger players”

Some doctors also point to a determinant psychological factor: the generally accepted idea that a decline in physical abilities with age as a “self-fulfilling prophecy” : Professional players approaching 25 years write the least underperformance due to their aging and conclude that they will never be competitive again.

However, the title points out that there is no shortage of counterexamples. 36-year-old fighting game player “Tokido” (Hajime Taniguchi), a legend of street fighters, explains that he feels in the best shape of his career. For “Rambo” (Ronald Kim), a gamer and entrepreneur who provides customized training to other gamers, the experience gained over the years plays an equally important role within a team.