Are the Girondins recruits (really) the level of the L1?

This is one of the big questions of the season at the Girondins de Bordeaux. Are the catastrophic results of the past few months due to a collective problem or an individual problem with players who are simply not at Ligue 1 level? The answer is definitely between the two, even if we necessarily start with the weeks of training without improvement and in addition a change of coach (Petkovic by Guion) to the second statement.

In this logic, the very many recruits of the new direction appear in the front line because they aroused a strong hope on their arrival. From Fransergio to Elis via Guilavogui, it’s time to take stock four days before the end of the season and as the Girondins head towards Ligue 2 before hosting OGC Nice this Sunday (5pm). Before that, three former players of the club (Grenet, Diabaté and Laslandes) gave us their opinion and their small comments about each of the 14 recruits.

The Defenders by François Grenet

Mangas: “It is of course insufficient and too fair. His season has been very erratic with placement issues and too lax behavior for a defender. Major lack of accuracy, but is he really playing his position on the side? On the other hand, he shows a good mood till the end. † 4/10

Mensah: “I think it’s his left back position. It is tighter and that is essential for this position. Unfortunately, he has major flaws in placement and lack of experience. His individual mistakes also cost dearly. It’s below its potential, but I find it interesting. † 4.5/10

Pembele: “So yes, there is the pampering of the youth with this kind of player, but for me he is just not a defender or at least he hasn’t shown it this season. It is the caricature of the piston, that is to say that he thinks more about conquering his function than about good defense. Today he does not have the level of L1. He is also often physically fair, maybe that’s why he used to play a central defender…’ 3/10

Gregersen: “He already has, like Ahmedhozic, a real defensive attitude in one-on-one situations, I like that. He puts bets. After that he is slower and less energetic than his young teammate. He has deficiencies in placement and I think he doesn’t communicate enough with others. He must make progress tactically and in the quality of his transmissions. † 5/10

Ahmedhozic: “It’s a nice surprise. Not much to complain about. He is a boy with a lot of temperament, you can tell he hates defeat. He has an excess of dedication, but it’s better that than the opposite. Great technical potential. † 5.5/10

Marcelo: “It was a bit of a gamble. Unfortunately he was already at the end in Lyon and we think it is physically complicated. He gets sucked down like others on this team when he should be pulling everyone up. † 3.5/10

Midfielders by Lassina Diabaté

Fransergio: “There is a level problem with him. He does not recover the balls nor is he good at throwing, the two main functions of his position. He’s a completely overrated player from what we’ve seen of him so far. He doesn’t bring what he was recruited for at all. Big disappointment. † 3/10

Onana: “It has been a season with ups and downs. He shows desire and will, but he is fickle. We also wonder what his physical level is. † 4.5/10

Ignatenko: “It’s not easy to judge him because he hasn’t been here that long and he didn’t play right away. He shows a lot of desire and he has good technical fluidity. After that I can’t give him the average like the others given the club’s disastrous season. † 4.5/10

Guilavogui: “It’s the real disappointment for the moment, there is no other word. For once, he’s plodding all the way through in this team. He is ultimately the image of the team. Above all, we expect much better from such a player with such a career. † 4/10

The attackers of Lilian Laslandes

Elis: “He is a very good recruit. He showed a lot of desire and he is a man who scratches everything he can on the pitch. He is one of the best goalscorers on the team and he deserves it. His absence hurts at this end of the season. † 7.5/10

Girondins de Bordeaux striker Alberth Elis.
Girondins de Bordeaux striker Alberth Elis. – Romain Perrocheau / AFP

Niang: “Despite his recent good performances, his season is not consistent enough. We expected more from a player like him. Has it always been put to good use and not underused? † 5/10

Dilrosun: “It’s a bit like Niang, it’s better but it’s still too weak for a whole season. He has real qualities, but did he show them every day in training? I don’t know. I’m not here. We see that he is much more comfortable in the center and for a long time he played on one side. † 5/10