Arthur Bauchet led the Blues at the Beijing Paralympic Games with four medals

It screams, it sings, it screams with laughter on the other end of the line. A brothel confined to the bus that takes the French team back to the village, just after the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games. Arthur Bauchet tries to escape this atmosphere for a few minutes, eager to answer the providential questions that will spare him a delicate mission. “It’s up to me to choose the music, but I really don’t know which one”laughs the young man.

At the age of 21, he has established himself as one of the main heroes of this edition of the Beijing Games. On the trail of Yanqing, he won four medals, just like in 2018 in Korea. But this time, he converted Pyeongchang’s silver medal into three golds and one bronze. He built up his third title on Sunday in two slalom runs that dominated from start to finish. Though he claims he wasn’t “not serene at all” before the start of the second run. He completed this route without rhythm, without much space between the gates, but with a lot of distance to do it horizontally.

He changed his status during these Games

The coaches had repeated to him that he should do that “just ski clean and get to the bottom” because he had secured a small margin. Benjamin Ruer had even warned: “You will have the impression that you are not moving forward, standing still. Whatever your feelings are, go to the end! † He thought about it, listened. “If Benj hadn’t warned me, I would have asked myself more questions, I might have fallen back into old habits and maybe I wouldn’t have ended up at the bottom of this track.thanked Arthur Bauchet. In the end, I started the Games in style and I finish them in style. †

In a room in Grimaud (Var) that bears his name since 2019, his family, his relatives, could explode with joy. This boy with a devastating smile has an amazing perspective on this rare and degenerative genetic disease (spastic paraparesis) that one day, he knows, will lead him to a wheelchair, which left him bloodless after a violent crisis at the end of the giant (3rd) but doesn’t stop him from enjoying it yet. He wants to take advantage of what he loves most: skiing, sharing.

Arthur Bauchet agrees: “I completely changed my status during these Games”. He refuses to take on the role of boss, leaving it to his parents, to the cross-country skier and biathlete Benjamin Daviet, now ten medals on the counter, including five gold, or to Marie Bochet, even as the muse of the tricolor para – skiing only added a (nice) silver medal to his collection of eight Paralympic titles in China. “These Games showed how superhuman Marie’s performance wasmaintains his heir. With three gold coins, I feel like I’ve given so much; Marie, winning two four times gold at two different Paralympiades, it was great! †

“I’m having fun. I’m living my best life”

All the more reason to enjoy everything that comes along. And in particular this mission, Sunday evening, to accompany the French delegation on the occasion of the closing ceremony. “It was impressive to enter this Bird’s Nest stadium”he admits, overwhelmed by a whirlwind of emotions that he finds difficult to define. Marie had warned me that things would get complicated. † He points out the difficulty of walking with his crutch in one hand and the banner in the other.

“I struggled with this flag that rolled itself up! † He smiles. Still and always. He took the full eyes, especially. Even though he was eager to go home to rest. Find his medals. The first, stored in their box, and the last, which he could have just hidden, under the duvet of his bed. Each has its own story and Arthur Bauchet will one day be able to tell them. Later.

For now, he is mostly surprised by this list of achievements given to him. Those eight Paralympic medals, those seven world titles. “I have so much fun in sports, in skiinghe assures. I’m having fun. I live my best life. † In fact, seven years after his debut in disabled sport, and without really realizing what he has achieved, the young man is already planning the sequel and the 2026 Games in Italy. He will have to confirm, multiply. But that only fuels his desire to move forward.