At the convention against sexual violence in sport, tribute to Maracineanu and doubts about the future

Sign of the change of era: The third convention on sexual violence in sport – the first launched by the Minister of Sport Roxana Maracineanu after the revelations of Sarah Abitbol in early 2020 – took place in the National Assembly, in the presence of the ministers of Justice, Eric Dupond-Morreti and National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer.

Two years ago, when I organized this first convention a few days after the testimony of Sarah Abitbol, ​​​​a few years after that of Catherine Moyon-de Bacque and Isabelle Demongeot, I wanted to tell you that we were changing eranoted the Minister of Sports Roxana Maracineanu. You are no longer alone she added, addressing the said victims, present in the room. That was all I wanted to say on February 29, 2020. Of course we had to fight, but two years later I am proud of the journey.

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RESEARCH. Figure Skating: The Club of Sexual Predators

Fabienne Bourdais, ministerial deputy for the fight against violence in sport, took stock of her unit, which processed 655 reports ” and we have received 30 of them since the beginning of the year, so this topic is not behind us “. Nearly 70% of cases are closed,” 200 studies still ongoing More than 60% of the aggressors are sports teachers, 90% of the charges have a sexual connotation, 54 federations are involved in at least one case, 40% of the victims were under 15 years old. These cases are not all old: One hundred facts date from the year 2020-2021. More than 40% of the reports come from the federations themselves “, showing an evolution as the latter were reluctant to approach the subject at first.

Among the measures taken, the Secretary of State for Child Protection, Adrien Taquet, mentioned a few: checks on the good reputation of volunteers, who from now on must submit a certificate proving that they have no criminal record, a ” clarification and homogenization of reporting circuits “, the founding of “ three mandatory medical visits for children, during which sexual violence is reported », and a network throughout the territory of « Pediatric Units for Children in Danger » (UAPED) responsible for collecting the words of children. † Better prevention, better punishment, better support “, he summed up, emphasizing” the importance of developing a common culture of protection around our children. Progress has been made, but there are still blind spots, there are still many actions ahead of us.

“I have tried to set up a lasting structure”

The upcoming presidential election will drive staff turnover, that was the whole point of this third convention, which looks like a testament to the teams in attendance: What happens next? I’m afraid it won’t happens,” said Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu. † I’ve tried to set up a lasting structure, with this cell, I hope our action will continue… “Count on the victims to continue the fight.

These, all deeply moved, took the floor to pay tribute to the action carried out. † It is important that announced decisions are followed by action recalls ex-athlete Catherine Moyon de Baecque, who was appointed to the French National Olympic Committee, president of the Commission against Sexual Violence and Discrimination in Sport.

The sequel after the ad

I know thanks to you that I am no longer doomed to life, I know that I will no longer be alone, more abused, more abandoned. The summit is still very far, but we will overcome it.

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Speech liberates speech, but most importantly, today in 2022, has liberated listening, thank you, said Sarah Abitbol, ​​who founded her association The Voice of Sarah. † We’re not alone anymore sobbed Audrey Larcardevictim of his trainer and driving club manager† Today I am doing very well because you are all there, justice has responded, our Minister of Sport is carrying us at a distance. †

A year after Sarah Abitbol, ​​confessions of athletes who broke the silence on sexual violence

“Thanks to Roxana Maracineanu, thanks to Sarah who was heard when we turned their backs, the federation contacted me todayadded former tennis champion Isabelle Demongeot. I no longer want to be the one who disrupted the sport, I want to be a source of proposals. My next struggle is to fix. “I am proud to see our work bearing fruit, our word as a victim is heard, thank you Madam Minister “, emphasized Ludivine Malle, victim of her trainer and director of the French roller skating teams, now integrated in the cell created by her federation. † We didn’t feel supported at all when we spoke,” finally testified Benjamin and Adrien Ecuyer, two brothers who were victims of their president of the club and league of table tennis. “It has changed todayThank you.