Basketball. Mondeville shines and then collapses before the steamroller of Toulouse

Sarah Ousfar’s Mondevillaises shone in the first half against Toulouse before exploding in mid-air. (©AC / Sport in Caen)

There was an air of Women’s League, Saturday, March 5, 2022 in the Halle Bérégovoy. In front of an almost full house and in a sometimes deafening atmosphere, Mondeville and Toulouse reminisced about the division they had attended a few years earlier. For some the rest, for others a whole game. Because when the Mondevillaises play their audience during the first twenty minutes, counting up to 11 points (27-16), they couldn’t compete with the very impressive Toulouse team (57-78).

Loyd well there

In the second half there was really no game as the TMB was superior in all areas of the game. Led by its star Kalis Loyd, author of 24 points, and the outdoor address of Noémie Brochant (18 points), the visiting club did. don’t let their opponent breathe. In the intensity, Mondeville was caught in his play. Toulouse ended the game with 21 points counterattack against… no one up front. Just a few weeks before the playoffs, there was no photo at all of the debates. Toulouse, having won 11 in a row, is the firm favorite of the moment for the rise in LFB.

The game sheet

22-14 / 14-20 / 15-25 / 6-19

MONDEVILLE: Basque 6, Ousfar 8, Gueye 12, Lanfant 1, Bouzenna 3, Bussière 5, Dinga Mbomi 3, Dowdell 15, Gomis 4.

TOULOUSE: Mulumba 1, Belleka 1, Robinson 14, Loyd 24 (photo), Jakovljevic 2, Strunc 12, Brochant 18, Guirassy, ​​​​​​De Freitas 6.

Romain L’Hermitte, USO Mondeville coach: “Physically they are a long way ahead of us. They are in great shape today. As long as we were physically and psychologically present, we were. Suddenly we were going psychologically and then physically. We have to work psychologically so that we no longer doubt our abilities. Bean (Dowdell) did a workout in three weeks. She is completely burned in the second half. It was a very high level competition, the likes of which we have not seen in a long time. We cannot be disappointed. Toulouse’s lead time is not insurmountable. Before we think about it, we’ll have to keep working together. Our first half was quite exceptional. I hope it’s only the second round (Mondeville won the first leg, editor’s note). The road is still long. You can lose a game with 20 points and win with 20 points two days later. This match should help us move forward. †

Louise Bussiere was unsuccessful.
Louise Bussiere was unsuccessful. (©AC / Sport in Caen)

Bérengère Dinga Mbomi, USO Mondeville player: “In the first half we drew, in the second we fell. We weren’t strong enough defensively, they were super skilled. We didn’t last long. We were super strong for 20 minutes, not 40. We are all disappointed. room was packed, we would have liked to have offered another show to our audience in the second half. Physically they were upstairs. We were unable to respond to the physical challenge over time. Our shots did not return. Is that scary? Yes and no. The goal is to be physically and mentally ready for the play-offs. When everyone is back to 100%, we will definitely show a different face.”

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