Bastia holds his breath for the demonstration

Shops and bars closed, buses and trains diverted or interrupted… Many measures have been taken to prevent the mobilization from degenerating this afternoon during the demonstration in support of Yvan Colonna scheduled for 3 p.m. in front of the courthouse.

In general, the city at this time of year Bastia prepares more to taste panzarotti than to be shaken by a big demonstration.

That this afternoon at the gates of the courthouse at the call of the students of Corte and the great nationalist family promises to bring together several thousand people

Like what happened in Corte a week ago, the fear of possible defections and violent incidents is also taken into account.

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If nothing has been filtered on the part of the prefecture of Haute-Corse on the security device that will be deployed in the event of collisions, a decree was issued at the end of the morning. In this text, the prefect of Haute-Corse François Ravier prohibits the parking of vehicles on various arteries of the city that will be on the route of the event. For example, vehicles are prohibited from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. on the streets of Annonciade, Luce-de-Casabianca and Chanoine-Colombani and on avenues Maréchal-Sébastiani and Jean-Zuccarelli. Several routes that have been fixation spots for scuffles between police and protesters over the past week.

In addition, the State Representative in Haute-Corse states in the same text that: “For this event and until further notice, the sale, possession, transport and use of fireworks, smoke bombs, mortars and entertainment fireworks of categories F2 to F4, as well as those of pyrotechnic articles of categories T2 and P2 are prohibited to private persons. The prefect of Haute-Corse ends by specifying that: “This prohibition also applies to the acquisition, transport and use on public roads, by private persons, of containers containing chemical, flammable or explosive products”.

Release of the three young people who were arrested Friday evening

The prosecution, for its part, confirmed late yesterday morning that the police arrested the three youths who were arrested on the sidelines of the demonstrations on Friday evening. summer “withdrawn as part of the ongoing investigation”† Finally, it was decided that in view of this demonstration, as provided for by law, the public prosecutor will authorize the police to be deployed on the spot “to search the vehicles that will enter the city to avoid hiding projectiles there”. So many measures that are complementary to what is already planned in the city. Yesterday late in the morning, employees proceeded to secure the facades of the main post office, which was often the target of damage. They installed protective plates on the doors, windows and on the vending machine of the public establishment.

Many bars on Place Saint-Nicolas will lower the curtain at the beginning of the afternoon. The agglomeration community of Bastia in charge of the public transport network Via Bastia has stated in a press release that “the routes of the Bus Via Bastia network lines will be changed from 2 p.m..” Changes affecting lines B (Toga-Paoli-Montesoro) and line 2. “From 2 p.m., the line will systematically use the tunnel. The stations Bd Paoli, Saint-Joseph and Lupinu are no longer served. † for line 2, “From 2 p.m., the route of line 2 will be adjusted and will follow the route of line 1. The terminus is no longer in front of the prefecture roundabout but higher up on the petrol station roundabout”. Finally, line A, which goes to Furiani, is canceled at 2.30 pm and 3.10 pm. “rail traffic between Furiani and Bastia from 15:41 (after the departure of train 7D) to maintain the safety of users and staff”.

Everything has been anticipated by the government and communities to prevent damage to property and people. It is only hoped that the call to protest peacefully by Yvan Colonna’s family will be heard by the most virulent of the protesters.