Berlin opts for American F-35s

Germany decided to buy the F-35, the American fighter plane. 35 aircraft and 15 Eurofighters are ordered.

19 days ago, the vigorous incursion of Russian armor into Ukraine woke Germany from slumber. Fear took away the old reluctance to arm, 70 years of shameful pacifism suddenly swept away. Vladimir Putin will have succeeded in bringing about this mental revolution. He reunited NATO and resuscitated Germany with his spike helmet. Chancellor Scholz pulled out his checkbook, promised to spend 2% of GDP on defense and put a hundred billion on the table. And as war approaches, he rushes to buy off the shelf the best American plane, the one that gives him the best guarantee, the Lookheed Martin F-35. The Italians, the Poles, the Dutch, the Norwegians, the Swiss, without forgetting the British, have already opted for the apparatus and security that NATO offers. The choice for Germany threatens to accelerate that of the Czechs and Greeks. We look at the list and we think Europe is stealing from America. That the war in Ukraine establishes American domination over Europe. Sober people say the F35 spends most of its time grounded and expensive to maintain. A financial and military disaster, but a commercial triumph. But that’s the least flaw.

The French in particular fear that with the F-35s, Germany will destroy the European fighter plane project, the Scaf…

Scaf as the air combat system of the future… This will make Europe ready for war in 2045. The project got off to a great start ten years ago. Initially with the British. Brexit shot it down in the air. The Germans and Spaniards took over, but the project soon stalled. Why ? Because of the quarrels between Dassault, who is responsible for project management, and Airbus. Engineers put genius into their fights. The French protecting their industrial secrets have come to wonder if the Germans really wanted to build this plane or if these impostors were just using it to obtain technology transfer. In other words, to make up for the delay they’ve incurred since the war, since the Messerschmitts, Stukas, and V2s were grounded and their inventors pilloried. In late February, when the war drums were already ringing on Donbass’ borders, new Chancellor Olaf Scholz claimed that this European fighter jet project was an absolute priority, even though it wasn’t even in the contract. environmentalists. It’s been three weeks, it’s like it’s been three centuries.

Yesterday was the right day to take off the masks…

Germany will equip itself with the F-35 and even if it says the opposite, this plane, the only one approved by Washington to duplicate the nuclear bombs of the NATO deterrent force stored in Germany, will duplicate the Scaf. This is the final nail in the coffin of the European fighter jet. Germany can always be blamed for imposing its short-sighted whims on its European neighbors, be it yesterday to pay off all its debts, today Russian gas and coal and tomorrow the F-35s. In short, the inconvenient truth lies elsewhere. The Europe of the 1960s united France, strong in its deterrence and its place on the Security Council, with Germany, which weighed heavily economically but remained a political dwarf. The reunification has upset this balance. And going forward, it is hard to see how an economically strong Germany, which has once again become a military power in the heart of Europe, will be able to support a struggling France.