Best sports for the brain

Concentration, memory, mood… Sport significantly optimizes our mental abilities. What are the best sports to stimulate the brain? What benefits? Which ones to avoid? Explanation with Dr. Marc Rozenblat, sports physician.

What are the benefits of exercise for the brain?

Sport stimulates the secretion of well-being neurotransmitters such as dopamine or serotonin, which are mainly involved in mood regulation.

If sport strengthens the organs of the body such as the heart and muscles, it also has many positive effects on brain health and cognitive skills† In facilitate oxygenation and cerebral metabolismthat is, brain activity, physical activity decreases significantly the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases† Promotes physical activity brain plasticity and the creation of new neural connections. In addition, it stimulates the secretion of neurotransmitters of well-being such as: Dopamine or Serotonin who are particularly involved in the regulation of the vote. This is why we feel so good after a workout! More generally, sport makes it possible to: prevent cognitive decline and depressionto improve the capabilities of concentration and memory† †Exercise can only be beneficial for the brain, except for brain-damaging concussions. This is why certain practices have introduced rules to preserve the cerebral integrity of athletes.says Dr Marc Rozenblat.

What are the best sports to stimulate the brain?

Some sports are particularly effective at stimulating the production of new brain cells:

  • The so-called mind sports that work the brain and help maintain intellectual activity. The intellectual sport par excellence, the most practiced in the world, is chess.
  • Tactical Sports: billiards because you have to have an eye, golf requires thinking and concentration.
  • Precision sports: archery or darts that work on concentration.
  • Sports that calm brain activity: yoga and dance that helps to maintain intellect and vivacity.

What Are the Best Sports for Cognitive Functions?

To develop vision, we can move to sports practices that call for this feature: archery, darts or pistol shootingadvises the specialist. To develop hearing, there are all racket and ball sports, especially since you have to hear the ball coming. On the other hand, there is no sport that specifically promotes smell.”

What are the best sports to promote concentration?

Sport turns out to be a great way to increase your concentration. In particular, let’s mention tennis, golf, yoga, archery and darts that require attention at all times, but also: billiards or snooker who excels in the coordinationor the dance that encourages memory skills illustrates our interlocutor.

What are the best sports for neurodegenerative diseases?

If sport, regardless of discipline, has been proven to have a protective effect against neurodegenerative diseases, then people who suffer from it actually do very little exercise because they have relatively limited range of motion. †We are therefore going to offer them fairly gentle activities such as: yoga or dance† It also depends on the behavior of the patients because certain neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, lead to a certain aggressiveness, which makes it difficult to participate in a group activity. In any case, the idea is to preserve the intellect and make the memory work.“, says Dr Marc Rozenblat.

Which sports are bad for the brain?

All those likely to lead to head trauma, namely: martial arts, contact sports and high inertia sports such as motorsports, downhill skiing, tobogganing or even bobsleigh† There are also resistance sports that produce a lot of metabolic waste: resistance sports, short and intensive efforts that cause significant lactic acid production, which is bad for the brain that needs to be irrigated. A good recovery is essential after this kind of activity‘ said the sports doctor.

Thanks to Dr Marc Rozenblat, sports doctor, chairman of the National Association of Sports Doctors Health