Bet Sport or PMU 2022: Which bookmaker to choose?

Traditionally, France has been a country very much focused on horse racing and sports betting. This is reflected in the growing number of bookmakers of French origin thriving in the market. With these bookmakers we think of PMU and Parions Sport, which serve as benchmarks in terms of content, reliability and security. But which bookmaker should you choose between PMU and Parions Sports? Read this Parions Sport or PMU comparison to find out!

Welcome Bonus: PMU offers better offers on registration 4/5

Through the Parions Sport promo code and the PMU promo code, anyone who registers with these two bookmakers is eligible for a bonus or multiple bonuses upon registration. Very often, the welcome offer determines a user’s choice to choose one bookmaker over another. So for this comparison, we wanted to oppose PMU and Parions Sport to find out which of the two operators offers the best registration offer.

On Parions Sport, the operator offers a welcome bonus of 200 euros. This offer consists of offering an amount of 200 euros to anyone who registers with the bookmaker, to be used on the first sports bet. In other words, if the user’s first bet is ever a loser, Parions Sport commits to refund the full amount of the bet.

On the PMU side, the welcome offering is significantly different. Indeed, PMU is a multidisciplinary operator, sports, grass and poker, offering 3 bonuses on registration. Each of these bonuses is dedicated to one of the aforementioned game worlds. To summarize, the offer on sports is equal to 100 euros, that on the turf 200 euros, while the promotion on poker is worth 25 euros.

Admittedly, Parions Sport offers a much better bonus on sports compared to PMU, but the latter offers 3 bonuses while its competitor offers only one. Please note, however, that it is not possible to combine the 3 PMU welcome bonuses as the bettor has to choose a single offer when registering. So if you plan to bet on sports only, Parions Sport welcome bonus is much better, but if you want to bet on grass or poker, PMU is a better choice.

Let’s bet on Sport or PMU: which is better in terms of features?

If PMU offers better welcome bonuses, will it be better than Parions Sport in terms of user experience and features? Read on to this comparison to find out!

User experience: PMU

In terms of user experience, PMU is a much better bookmaker than Parions Sport. And with good reason, PMU has been operating in France for many years and serves as an undisputed reference with a large community of users to its name. Admittedly, Parions Sport has nothing to be ashamed of and strives to develop its gaming formula from year to year to make its platform a prime place to bet on sports. In short, the two bookmakers therefore offer very good gaming experiences, but we give our point to PMU!

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Sports betting: Parions Sports 4/5

While PMU has more experience than Parions Sport in sports betting, the latter is significantly better than its sports betting competitor. On the one hand, Parions Sport offers a much better welcome bonus for sports betting and on the other hand, the catalog of sports disciplines is slightly larger. While the majority don’t see a significant difference, if not none, the fact that Parions Sport offers a better bonus and better sports content makes it a better choice than PMU.


Live streaming: sports betting 4/5

The live streaming service at bookmakers allows members to follow live sporting events and horse races. In this case, Parions Sport or PMU both offer a live video service, but if the first only broadcasts horse racing, the second mainly covers sporting events. There it is up to you to decide which of the two best suits your player profile, depending on whether you have a knack for turf or sports. But since the majority of players prefer to follow the sport, we give our point again to Parions Sport!


Mobile app: PMU 4/5

The two bookmakers in this comparison both offer a mobile application that allows you to bet whenever and wherever you want, from a portable device. In this case, PMU is significantly better than Parions Sport insofar as it offers 3 mobile applications, each dedicated to a game universe, where its competitor offers only one. Admittedly, people who are not interested in turf and poker may be very satisfied with the Parions Sport app, but for others who want to bet on turf and have fun in poker, PMU mobile’s offerings are much more extensive!

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Advantages and disadvantages of PMU and Parions Sport

Before we end this comparison, here’s a summary of the main pros and cons of PMU and Parions Sport!

Operator Advantages: Cons

PMU Turf App

A reference bookmaker, reliable and safe

Significant content on the grass

3 sign up bonuses

No sports streaming

Logo ParionsSport App

The best bookmaker to bet on sports

Up to 200 euros welcome bonus

A high-quality live streaming service

No offer on turf and poker

Our take on PMU and Parions Sport: which one to choose?

Choosing between PMU and Parions Sport was not easy as the two bookmakers are strong references in the market and each has a large user community to their name. Simply put, we recommend that you choose Parions Sport if you only want to bet on sports. On the other hand, PMU is a much better choice if you plan to bet on sports, bet on grass and have fun playing online poker. The two bookmakers have as many strengths as their shortcomings, so it’s up to you to study them carefully to choose the one that best fits your player profile!