“Between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen? I will not call to vote for Emmanuel Macron, that’s for sure,” Eric Zemmour launches

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10:14 am : Let’s come back to another point: pensions. Eric Zemmour estimated that it was necessary to raise the legal departure age to 64 years. Are you lost in the jungle of candidate proposals on this topic? In this article we list the measures that are advocated by each other.

10:13 am : We come back to a few points raised by the far-right candidate. In particular, he denounced the seizure of “pedagogical ideologues” in defended-level school programs and classes to improve the overall level of students. But is this really the solution? In 2020, a university study dissected the effect of class composition on baccalaureate results. If the topic interests you and you have some time, you can read it here.

10:14 am : If he’s not in the runoff, who will Eric Zemmour call to vote for? “I think I’m in the second round”. And if he isn’t, really? “No, I will not call on Mr Macron to vote, that’s for sure.” And Marine Le Pen, will he support it? Silence.

The interview with Eric Zemmour ends on this question. Immediately room for the second candidate of the evening, Anne Hidalgo.

10:04 am : Small point “exercise of power”: to Dominique Seux, Eric Zemmour again defends his conception of a president of the republic who “vision” for France, but which does not take into account the “thousands of decisions” inherent in current affairs. According to him, these should be taken by the Prime Minister, in the spirit of the Fifth Republic. “The Prime Minister sets and conducts the policies of the nation”stipulates Article 20 of our Constitution.

10:05 PM : If he is elected president, who will appoint Eric Zemmour to the Commerce Department? The candidate has a few names in mind: “I have very competent people who have already joined me. Guillaume Peltier, Marion Maréchal, Philippe de Villiers… Bruno Le Maire has held this position for five years, I do not believe he has economic skills”.

10:03 PMCorsica wants to defend the Corsican identity, I agree with them”, insists Eric Zemmour. The hot topic of the autonomy of the Island of Beauty was invited into the presidential campaign after the assassination attempt on independence activist Yvan Colonna two weeks ago. To understand all about the current situation, my colleagues Miren Garaicoechea and Juliette Campion have written a full article which you can find here.

10:04 am : What does Eric Zemmour think about the question of the autonomy of Corsica? “Corsica already has a special status. The autonomy that goes to independence in English, Catalan or Scottish way, it is not thereAbove all, the Reconquest candidate! believes that Emmanuel Macron should have shown himself “Closed” in light of the violence that has erupted in Corsica in recent days. “Mr Macron is still playing politics by announcing autonomy after three weeks” of the first round.

10:13 am : But it is true that the idea of ​​a common defense policy for the Member States of the European Union, which first appeared in 1954, is struggling to become reality, my colleague Fabien Jannic-Cherbonnel describes in this article. The inability of the Twenty-seven to agree on the boundaries of such a project, as well as the differences in military culture between each country, are particularly up for debate.

9:48 pm : The European Union does not have its own army, although it has set up several instruments and organizations to promote operational and financial cooperation between Member States in the field of defense. It may also send missions to third countries, generally support missions, composed of troops from Member States.

9:48 pm“The Europe of defense (…) is a chimera because nobody wants it”, assures Eric Zemmour. It’s a little more complicated than what the far-right candidate says.

9:40 PM : Following the words of Eric Zemmour, the National Federation of Victims of Assault and Collective Accidents (Fenvac) has filed a complaint. The Paris prosecutor’s office had opened a preliminary investigation for an apology for terrorism, which was closed in 2017 without further action.

9:40 PM : Did Eric Zemmour say his? “respect” and “perhaps [son] admiration for the terrorists who killed at the Hyper Cacher” in January 2015, as Yannick Jadot claims? In a magazine interview talker in 2016, the president of Reconquête! had claimed “respect people who want to die for what they believe in”refuse to qualify them “weak minds”

9:43 pm : Has the school level in France clearly “dropped”, as Eric Zemmour claims? He has long lamented the glaring deficiencies in the fundamentals of French and mathematics. According to him there are today “30 to 40% of children arrive in sixth grade without being able to read well, in some neighborhoods this figure rises to more than 50%”† In late February, we verified this claim by the far-right candidate.

9:36 pm : Now the far-right candidate is talking about education. He responds to journalist Thomas Snégaroff.

9:31 pm : The two candidates are embroiled in their past legal problems. They have each been convicted by the courts: Yannick Jadot for “assaulting the superior interests of the nation” after an anti-nuclear operation near Brest, in 2005. Eric Zemmour has been convicted several times, most notably for “inciting hate” and “copyright infringement”.

9.30 p.m. : In the comments, many of you bemoan the aggressiveness of the debate between Yannick Jadot and Eric Zemmour that has just ended. Our journalist Thibaud Le Meneec lists one of the tensions.

9:23 pm : Last but not least, Eric Zemmour forgets to count the territory’s exits. In 2017, 261,000 immigrants arrived in France but 63,000 left, according to INSEE. Net migration was thus 198,000 immigrants. Figures on immigrants leaving the territory are not yet available for the following years. It is therefore difficult for the time being to determine the evolution of immigration under the five-year term of Emmanuel Macron.

9:22 p.m. : Eric Zemmour so counted “between 350 and 400,000” immigrants who arrived in France in one year, ie two million in five years. But by adding residence permits, asylum applications and unaccompanied minors, it counts the same people multiple times. Indeed, immigrants who entered France with temporary asylum-seeker status will receive their residence permits a few years later, recalls the Institut convergences migrations.

9:22 p.m. : Eric Zemmour already assured that in September“At the end of Emmanuel Macron’s mandate there will be two million immigrants”He then called the “275,000 legal withdrawals” in 2019, ie the number of residence permits issued for the first time, including the “36,000” asylum applications accepted on “130,000”Lake “10 to 15%” from “90,000 rejected”Lake “40,000 to 50,000” unaccompanied minors.

9:22 p.m. : Asked at the beginning of the program about Emmanuel Macron’s program, Eric Zemmour estimated that“There is nothing about immigration”“With Mr. Macron we continue [à accueillir] two million legal immigrants every five years”, said the former polemicist. It is not the first time Eric Zemmour mentions this figure. But his method of calculation, and thus his result, is wrong.

9:13 pm : Eric Zemmour accuses Yannick Jadot and environmentalists “by Christmas, against the Tour de France”† He refers to the controversies targeted by the new environmental mayors in 2020 and 2021, a subject that we discuss in detail here.

9:09 PM : The two debaters have been discussing European defense for three weeks, in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. On this geopolitical topic, which is sometimes very technical, I can only recommend that you take a look at the excellent article by my colleague Fabien Jannic-Cherbonnel

9:06 PM : If the pitch stayed high on set for a few minutes, it’s because a controversy broke out between the two candidates about this very sensitive topic of anti-Semitism a month ago.

8:58 PM : Again Eric Zemmour refers to the policy of General De Gaulle from 1958 to 1969. This is a constant for the polemicist, who has multiplied the references to this figure of the Fifth Republic since his emergence in the media.

8:53 PM : Yannick Jadot and Eric Zemmour, whose programs are diametrically opposed on many points, unsurprisingly disagree about the war in Ukraine. “When you’re president of the republic, you talk to everyone”believes the far-right candidate, when his environmental competitor believes that the Russian president “a war criminal”

8:55 PM : Eric Zemmour now faces another presidential candidate. Yannick Jadot has just arrived on set. First debate, first topic and first disagreement: the war in Ukraine.

“Yes, Putin is a war criminal”, says the environmentalist. “These are all words. Calling him a ‘war criminal’ is not justified,” replies the far-right candidate.

8:49 PM“I’m in the second round”assures Eric Zemmour, insisting… “enthusiasm” and “enthusiasm” he looks around. For now, the Reconquest candidate is in fourth or fifth place in the polls, as you can see in our poll aggregator.

8:47 pm : Eric Zemmour approves “various measures” advocated by Emmanuel Macron, such as the abolition of royalties on public broadcasting and the statutory retirement age pushed back to 65. But since he has not forgotten to criticize sharply since joining the campaign the big denial” of the head of state.

8:48 PM“I have been targeted by Emmanuel Macron from the beginning. He understood that the real debate was between him and me, because we have two visions of France.”

Eric Zemmour is the first to speak. He responds remotely to Emmanuel Macron who sharply criticized him this afternoon. He indeed denounced the projects of the candidates who put forward “the withdrawal, the return to a form of nostalgia, sometimes also the nostalgia of what never was”. An allusion to his far-right rivals, Marine Le Pen, and thus to Eric Zemmour.

8:39 PMWatch the “Elysée 2022” program with Eric Zemmour, Anne Hidalgo and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, 24 days from the first round.

8:28 PM : Good evening Raphael, good evening everyone! Tonight I will try to provide context and explanation of the statements of our guests. Do not hesitate to ask me your questions about the words of the different speakers, I will try to answer them live in this one.

8:45 pm : Good night all ! My colleagues Thibaud Le Meneec, Alice Galopin and I are delighted to comment on this evening with you. On the program: the context of the words of the three candidates in the program, but also the verification of their statements. Let’s go 🙂