Bose: The price of the wireless Sport Earbuds headphones makes the competition sweat

News good deal Bose: The price of the wireless Sport Earbuds headphones makes the competition sweat

An offer that will appeal to athletes looking for a new pair of headphones. The very good Sport Earbuds from the Bose brand are currently undergoing a fairly favorable price reduction. Enough to make the competition sweat.

Bose Sport earbuds are designed for all types of exercisers

Bose will no longer be presented as its know-how is known in the audio world. This time it is in the field of wireless headphones that the American brand offers a very interesting product for athletes. Indeed, the Sport Earbuds are designed for those who exceed the limits of their body in every workout.

One of the biggest problems with intraocular headsets is that they don’t adapt well to the morphology of any headset and can be painful in the long run. The Sport Earbuds contain a technology called StayHear Max wipes all those worries off you† Three sizes of StayHear Max are included with the Sport Earbuds, so find the size that best fits your ear. Moreover, the tips are made of soft silicone and not hard plastic like you can find with some competitors. As a result, the earplugs adapt to the shape of your ear canal and give you the best possible feeling.

Ready for any workout, the Sport Earbuds are designed to deal with bad weather and perspiration by a sport that puts a strain on your body. Wireless headphones got IPX4 rating, which means they can withstand both moisture and splashes. You can run in the rain without fear.

The Wireless Sport Earbuds Headphones are completely designed for athletes and are currently on sale for 159€ on the Cobra websiteA discount of 20% compared to the price of 199 €.

Buy the Bose Sport Earbuds wireless headphones for €159 at Cobra

Increasingly Advanced Wireless Sport Earbuds Headphones with Shortcuts at Bose

Bose continues to supply us with high-quality headphones with critically acclaimed realistic sound† So the audio is clear and balanced, whatever the listening level of your music thanks to a optimized active equalization system. With a very stable Bluetooth receiver, you can up to 9 meters away from your smartphone without encountering any problem

In addition to the practicality that these headphones offer, they have a touch interface to easily control your playlist. Even better, technology Spotify Tap is integrated and allows you to operate the application without even removing your phone. You must first create a Spotify shortcut in the Bose Music app.

In terms of autonomy, Sport Earbuds will easily 5 hours of battery life per charge† Of course, a charging box is included and you can take advantage of 10 extra hours† With fast charging you can 2 hours of listening in just 15 minutes of charging† Perfect for those who can’t live without music.

With this 20% promotion lowering the price to $159, the Bose Sport Earbuds Wireless Headphones are a must-have for athletes looking for comfortable and effective headphones. Since stocks are limited, we advise you to grab this opportunity quickly enough.

Buy the Bose Sport Earbuds wireless headphones for €159 at Cobra

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