Champions League: Real Madrid-PSG and Liverpool-Inter Milan on RMC Sport

Another fantastic week of European football is announced at RMC Sport, with two posters about four legendary clubs. For the much anticipated trip to PSG on the Real Madrid lawn, this Wednesday 9 March Liverpool will indeed receive Inter Milan tonight, Tuesday 8 March. Brace yourself, the great football nights are back on your screen!

Tell your bank (and your neighbours) that a big football week awaits you at RMC Sport, from Tuesday to Thursday, starting with Liverpool-Inter Milan, then the encounters of French clubs: Real Madrid-PSG of course, but also Porto – Lyon, Leicester-Rennes and Braga-Monaco. But we’ll talk about the Europa League and the Europa League conference later. For now, let’s focus on the most prestigious European competition, the cup with the big ears: the Champions League!

Tuesday, March 8: Liverpool – Inter Milan, at 9 p.m. on RMC Sport 1

This European week isn’t off to a good start, with Liverpool-Inter Milan going against the current second in the Premier League, battling for a historic fourfold after his Carabao Cup win against Chelsea, and the current second in Serie A. de Rood won 2-0 in San Siro. A flattering score compared to the content of the match, which may have given Inter regrets… but also hope! Even if Liverpool remain on an impressive run of 7 games in 7 wins in this 2021-22 Champions League campaign, after meeting AC Milan, FC Porto and AtlĂ©tico de Madrid twice, and thus ‘Inter Milan, first leg’ once. All while scoring 19 goals, 6 of them against. Figures that may not be comforting as you move through the very special lair of Anfield Road. But we know that in the Champions League nothing is certain and anything can happen. Kick-off at 9 p.m. on RMC Sport 1, after the show Championship zone can be found from 8 p.m

And to see the summary of the other meeting of the evening, Bayern Munich-RB Salzburg, Championship zone returns at the final whistle of Liverpool-Inter Milan, around 10:50 PM (except in the case of overtime).

Wednesday 9 March: Real Madrid-PSG, at 9 p.m. on RMC Sport 1

For an exceptional match, an exceptional device. RMC Sport will be live from the Santiago Bernabeu stadium for the broadcast on Wednesday 9 March from 7.30 pm Championship zone presented Jean-Baptiste Boursier. History to turn up the pressure as the Paris players arrive in Spain with the shortest advance thanks to Kylian Mbappe’s last minute goal in the first leg (1-0 win to PSG). And it is in this competition that the most important change in the regulations of the season could be of great importance…

UEFA has indeed announced that the away goal rule that “double counting” has been abolished. Previously, if the total score between home and away matches was tied, the team that scored the most away goals won without extra time being needed. More concretely, for example, if Real Madrid win 2-1 despite their away goal, PSG will have to play extra time (same for 3-2, 4-3, 9-8 etc…). So don’t count on it, and make sure you don’t lose. Now a classic of the European Cups, Real Madrid, leader of La Liga, and PSG, leader of Ligue 1 (despite their defeat in Nice 1-0 on Saturday), meet for a round of 16 return that incredible announcement, for the Lionel Messi’s return to Spain, in a stadium that has hated him for so many years. What will you give him back his 20-year-old legs one night?

Search again at the end of the meeting Championship zone, for a look back at the match with advisers RMC Sport, but also for a summary of the other meeting of the evening, Manchester City-Sporting Lisbon. Well, knowing that City won 5-0 in the first leg against Portugal, the name of the qualifier would be much easier to guess than for Real Madrid-PSG…

Source: RMC Sports