Clark Powell, an immersive and olfactory gym, takes up residence in Toulouse

Working out in Balma, while you think you are in the Amazon, is now possible thanks to a new concept designed by Laur-Wenz Lallement, a specialist in entrepreneurship and franchising. The idea was to create an original and unique concept while “classic” sports halls are going through a rather complicated period since the health crisis and repeated administrative closures.

“You should know that 90% of French people want to exercise and 40% of them take action, including 10% in the gym. The offers offered are often quite cheap and do not meet the real expectations of the members That is why I am with this concept started taking sociological trends into account,” explains Laur-Wenz Lallement, sports hall manager Clark Powell.

A few weeks ago, Clark Powell opened its doors on the outskirts of Toulouse, in Balma. Why this Clark Powell name? According to the manager of the room, he was inspired by the hair salon market. †This adds a more human side and a certain connection with the customer.‘ he justifies.

Stand out from the competition

With all the franchises that already exist in the gym market, Laur-Wenz has to convince and stand out from the crowd. In this room everything is done so that the member gets out of everyday life, the stress of work, the difficulties encountered, etc. To access Clark Powell’s room, three subscriptions are offered ranging from 34.95 euros to 49.95 euros per month.

“What was important to me, at a time when more than 40% of sports halls reported being in a state of near bankruptcy, was the creation of a dynamic with the awakening of all our senses, a design decoration, the arrival of two DJs for a week, smells, sounds so that the person practicing his sport feels elsewhere and uses his moment,” adds Laur-Wenz Lallement.

Clark Powell has several 1000m2 rooms, each offering a unique atmosphere and theme. Five universes are offered to members: Mapple Park to work on cardio and guided strengthening in a Canadian setting and the Great Lakes. The Mirage is the ladies’ room with an Egyptian decor, filled with pyramids. The Italian theater style opera hall is designed for group lessons. It is also possible to feel in space with the Space Ride room with 120 lessons per week offered. Finally, with an exotic forest decor, the Amazon room offers high-quality machines for free bodybuilding.

There are currently five coaches working in this new gym. Within three months, the manager hopes to hire three or four additional coaches as employees or car entrepreneurs. In total, this project cost the manager 1.6 million euros.

A second gym is coming

Despite this bill, Clark Powell’s gym also stands out for its economic organization. She has decided to abolish fees that can often be a hindrance for the customer: registration fees. Here at Clark Powell, no registration fees and a no-obligation quote. According to the manager he is “financial gain” with this simpler and more transparent model, according to him. Since its opening, the manager has observed between 30 and 40 people registering per day, a figure that satisfies him.

The boss hopes to achieve 500,000 euros in turnover in six months. After barely a month of existence in Balma, the owner of the sports hall wants to open a second one. This will be in the center of Toulouse. The project is still in the study phase, but negotiations are in full swing.

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