Climbing a very rare sport accessible to families in Hong Kong

After long months in which we all had to limit our trips, the relaxation of the measures makes it possible to resume activities. A few weeks ago, the editors of recommended original places to have a drink. This week, thanks to the advice of Ryan, an experienced sportsman, we present a rare outdoor activity to discover with family or friends: rock climbing.

Climbing, a very complete activity in Hong Kong

Climbing is a very complete sport that allows you to work on cardio-respiratory endurance, muscle strengthening, flexibility, agility reflexes and problem-solving skills. If some people think that climbing is an extreme sport and difficult to access, Ryan, a young English-speaking Hong Konger, wants to deconstruct this idea and make climbing tours accessible to everyone in Hong Kong.

Climbing in Hong Kong from 6 years old

After being deprived of extracurricular activities for a long time, thanks to this type of sport, children can finally re-learn how to socialize and thrive in small groups. Off-the-scenes, climbing is an activity that allows the little ones to be active while working on perseverance, autonomy and problem-solving skills. Accustomed to working with international schools, small climbing companies also allow groups of friends and adventurous families to have fun in an extraordinary environment. The outings are fun and usually accept children ages 6 and up, with or without parents. For the practicality, the services include all equipment, with harnesses and helmets adapted to the little ones, and sometimes even gloves.

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The perfect time for rock climbing in Hong Kong

Wild climbing is possible in Hong Kong until about mid-June, when the sun begins to scorch the natural walls. The best time for this sporting activity is early in the morning to avoid the midday heat and enjoy a pleasant breeze. As for climbing spots, Hong Kong is full of natural walls to explore in the four corners of the area. Ryan suggests three places, chosen based on the weather and the level of the group: Shek O, Chung Hom Kok (between Repulse Bay and Stanley) and Braemar Hill. The surrounding landscapes of this 3 hiking spots offer fantastic ocean views and allow climbers and potential companions to spend a pleasant morning.

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Hong Kong Rock Climbing Adventure

rock staran English-speaking climbing company that has been active in Hong Kong for about twenty years.

Rock Climbing Hong Kong


Verm City

Hong Kong climbing park

rock climbing hong kong
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We thank Ryan, Hong Kong wildlife expert

Ryan is a Hong Konger with an atypical profile. Close to nature and passionate about hiking, climbing and outrigger canoes, he practices at least one of these three activities almost every day. This interest in outdoor sports led him to represent Hong Kong in canoe competitions in his youth. Later and still convinced by his passions, Ryan decides to take a break from his career to work on the one hand for the NGO Ocean Recover and on the other by animating outdoor activities such as the climbing presented in this article or the double canoe.