Connect with young people through e-sports, the bet of certain cities like Arras

Esports competitions are becoming more and more important in the world and French municipalities are gradually acquiring their local teams. (©Illustration/Pexels/Pixabay)

l’esports increasingly digs its place at the level of world competitions. Whether by the big rewardsthe fame by teams champions of tension of its events, it is clear that esports are starting to impress. By municipalities try to reconnect to the youth through this discipline, such as the City of Arras

What is esports?

E-sport tackles competitions with established rules, the sport is not physical but digital. Training as a team or individually, the players are coached, competed and ranked according to their performance, just like in traditional sports. Valentin Tiquet, member of Obsession Arras Gaming, also regularly participates in esports competitions.

“Our structure makes it possible to guide more professional players and [de les aider à] to perform. In our record on FIFA we are champion of France in 11vs11 [11 joueurs contre 11 autres joueurs, NDLR]† But we also play other games such as Super Smash Bros., League of Legends, Call of Duty and Rocket League,” explains the young club president. If these game names mean nothing to you, they are known worldwide and broadcast during matches.

Just like a sports club, managers and coaches are on hand to ensure the players progress:

An esports player trains alone or with a coach. You have to maintain a good dynamism every day. During the week we train for hours and on the weekends we do tournaments.

valentine’s day cardEsports Player at Obsession Arras Gaming

But as with any sport, there are also risks. According to Valentin, morale is especially tested: ” During training we do muscle workshops on the fingers, we work on the reflex with virtual or physical mini games† The key is the mind: a lot of concentration, a series of competitions, a fast pace and yet a lot of self-control. †

E-sports, the cement between community and youth

As video games are regularly chosen for reasons of addiction or risk to the behavior of the youngest, more and more town halls are using e-sports to raise awareness and reconnect with young people. This is what the city of Arras and the urban community of Arras wanted to do.

Videos: currently on Actu

Pierre Ferrari, director of digital strategy and innovation at the urban community of Arras, has been working on the collaborative project with an esports team for almost three years: “It is difficult for a community to attract the attention of a young audience, but even more so on social networks, they also do not read the municipal magazine. »

“To better understand young people, you have to be interested in what they like to do. For some, it’s video games,” Valentin Tiquet reports. A mantra that Arras understood: “We have made available a place where young people can meet. There is a real dynamic, if not everyone is on the same level, they leave their homes, discuss, train and play together,” says Pierre Ferrari.

Have fun but also make aware

With this building, the e-sports club has new missions. Many gaming workshops are open: “While some are playing, e-athletes participate in conversations with young people to make them aware of the risks of fencing. We don’t judge anyone, we try to warn, advise and find solutions,” says Valentin Tiquet.

Esports isn’t just about playing video games, “it can bring a mood, strengthen team cohesion and teach self-control”, the player reports. He is happy that he can work with young people: “As a supervisor it is also a moment of sharing, I can understand them, we have the same passion. And they are happy that we can understand them too. †

If a young person spends a lot of time playing video games, he should not be punished right away. You have to take an interest in his universe, understand the game and who he plays with, then put up barriers where necessary.

valentine’s day cardEsports Player at Obsession Arras Gaming

The next steps and tracks launched for this coherence correspond to a study stream that integrates e-sports, “to help young people play while staying on the right track of study”, explains Valentin. For Pierre Ferrari: “Elected officials have every interest in looking at e-sports, just like sports clubs. We are keeping the door open for RC Lens,” Pierre Ferrari laughs.

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