COVID-19. Masks, tests… What does the new health protocol at school mean?

The situation has not yet been settled for the number of class closures in the Tarn. (©Illustration Fabien Hisbacq – News Occitanie)

They only have a few weeks, or even a few days (for students in zone C) left to apply the latest protocol at school, and we have to get back to the page. This Thursday, March 10, 2022, the Ministry of National Education revealed a new health protocol

He will be applied to schools, colleges and high schools from Monday, March 14, 2022date on which a large number of rules must fall, such as the vaccination pass or wearing a mask mandatory, as announced by Jean Castex at the beginning of March.

What will concretely change for the students? Point.

Go to level 1

Since the beginning of the February holidays, schools have been subject to level 2 (out of 4) of the health protocol. From March 14 they have to apply level 1 of the protocolhas just unveiled the ministry, after meeting key teachers unions on Thursday, March 10.

Whoever says level 1 says maintenance of face-to-face classes in primary, secondary and secondary schools, disinfection “at least once a day” of offices or canteen tables, washing hands, return to normal sports classes – including contact sports…

The different levels defined by the health protocol in schools for the year 2021-2022.
The different levels defined by the health protocol in schools for the year 2021-2022. (©Ministry of National Education)

But this time, Level 1 will be a little different, especially regarding the mask – if the protocol had been applied to the letter, it would have been necessary to keep the mask inside for all high school teachers and students.

Drop the masks

It is finally a breath of fresh air. From March 14, such as at work or in the shops, wear a mask will no longer be mandatory “for all students, including middle and high school students, in line with developments in the general population,” the ministry said on its website.

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Don’t hide your face anymore during classes or in the cafeteriaregardless of the situation, even if a student tests positive. When they returned from the February holidays, the students were already able to take off the mask outside and during sports lessons (except contact sports).

Students or teachers who wish to do so can still keep the mask.

Students allowed to mix

The new protocol allows it again students to mingle† In other words, you can eat next to your friends from other classes in the cafeteria or sit next to whoever you want in the class, unless the establishment has decided to enforce this rule.

But problem for many parents and teachers: this mixing will make it more difficult to identify contact cases with a positive student.

School sports in social distancing and mask mode will be over on Monday, March 14, 2022. (©Thomas Berthelot – News Essonne)

What if a student is positive?

However, no change with regard to the device for a positive student:

  • He is under 12 or is over 12 and fully vaccinated? He must be in self-isolation for seven days (five if his test is negative after five days of quarantine).
  • He is over 12 years old but does not have a full vaccination schedule? He must remain in isolation for 10 days (a period that can be reduced to five if the test performed is negative).

Same story on the side of to test screening for Covid-19. They are therefore limited for vaccinated adults and children with contact cases for reasons perform a single test on D+2 (ie two days after the information from the contact with the person has been declared positive).

Please note that the test to be performed may be: indifferent a self-test, an antigen test or a PCR test.

Closed almost 2,700 classes

The number of positive cases for Covid-19 stay high among the students. According to the latest situation report from the Ministry of National Education, published on Friday 11 March, 40,493 students are infected by the virus during the week. In 24 hours, the number of new cases reached 6,271 students.

2,693 classes are closed due to Covid-19, ie 0.51% of classes in France. Seven schools are closed, one in the Nantes academy and the other six in the Nancy-Metz academy.

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