Covid-19: wearing a mask inside, vaccination pass, school protocol, 4th dose… everything that changes from this Monday

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This Monday, March 14, marks the end of most of the health restrictions related to Covid-19 in France. Inner masks, vaccination pass, new protocol in schools… La Dépêche du Midi helps you to see things more clearly.

On March 3, Jean Castex announced the lifting of numerous health restrictions that will come into effect on Monday, March 14. La Dépêche du Midi takes stock for you.

No more obligation to wear the mask inside

From Monday, wearing a face mask will no longer be mandatory in all places where it is now mandatory, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on March 3. So you no longer have to adjust it to your nose to enter shops, administrations or simply at work.

Be careful though, the obligation to wear a mask continues to apply on public, school or long-distance transport (bus, metro, tram, train, plane, etc.) “given the promiscuity,” said Prime Minister Jean Castex. It also remains mandatory in hospitals and other healthcare institutions. In that sense, “the vaccination obligation that applies to healthcare providers” remains relevant.

The end of the vaccination pass

Another important measure: this Monday is also the end of the vaccination pass. The obligation to present it is lifted in all establishments where it was previously mandatory: leisure, culture or bars-restaurants.

Also note here, the health pass (vaccination certificate, negative test result or a certificate of recovery) remains if you want to enter a health institution.

School protocol returns to level 1

The most important measure of this new protocol concerns wearing a mouth cap in class. From now on, students and teachers can delete it in the classroom. Those who want to keep it can do so. From Monday all students can work out again, including contact and indoor sports.

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In primary school, students designated as contact cases do not have to self-isolate, but must take a self-test on D+2, whether they have been vaccinated or not. In middle and high school, unvaccinated contact cases must isolate themselves for seven days and take a PCR or antigen screening test before returning to class. Those who have been vaccinated will remain in the classroom and will be required to take a self-test at D+2.

End of the health protocol in the company

The Minister of Labour, Élisabeth Borne, announced on Tuesday March 8 the approaching end of the health protocol in companies, which will take effect this Monday. “We are going to resume normal business rules,” the minister announced. She indicated that it would be “obviously necessary to continue to apply hygiene rules”, such as washing hands, cleaning surfaces and ventilating the property. “The rules of distance will disappear”, as well as those of collective catering, she says.

Nevertheless, some rules may remain if the company decides to do so. In certain cases, the existing instructions therefore continue to apply.

Opening of the 4th dose to above 80

This Saturday, Jean Castex announced the opening of the fourth dose of vaccine “for those over 80 who have received their booster dose for more than three months,” starting this Monday. The prime minister also said he “strongly recommends people who are vulnerable because of their age or their pathology to enforce mask wearing in closed places and in large gatherings”.