Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United) put an end to the debate with his hat-trick: “If you have the top scorer…”

It’s the chic of the big players. They always find answers that suit their talent. And this Saturday, Cristiano Ronaldo again remembered that he was not of the same caliber as mere mortals and footballers. A week after his controversial absence from the humiliation against Manchester City (4-1) due to a hip glitch according to his coach, the Portuguese put on a smashing performance to see his side win against Tottenham (3-2). His three brilliant goals, including the first, gave him another magical performance at United. †Everyone knows Ronaldo. There is no need to talk about him. He did what he is good atPaul Pogba greeted Sky Sports.

What he does best is brighten up the day for his supporters. And this Saturday, CR7 did a wonderful job of bringing everyone to agreement after less fruitful weeks, marked by a goal in eight Premier League games in a row. †It’s a fantastic achievement. He can lift 70,000 people, but he can only do that with the team. He gave energy and was part of the whole team when we had to defendmade it a point to underline his coach Ralf Rangnick before clarifying his thought:It is a challenge to evolve with a player like Ronaldo. But he showed today that he still has the quality to play for a club like Manchester United. He also has the quality to be part of the team and if we want to finish the season well, that’s what we need.


Ronaldo’s grandiose reaction


Without him it would have been complicated for Manchester United and not just to win

If his coach unsurprisingly keeps his usual measure of staying focused on the collective, his opponents end up talking almost the best about it. Defeated, they could only weave laurels after such a performance at the age of 37. †Tonight he showed what kind of player he is. Without him it would have been difficult for Manchester United not only to win but also to take a draw.said Antonio Conte, the Spurs coach, on the BBC.Details are played at this level. And Ronaldo has helped United a lot to achieve that result. He was at his best, very aggressive‘, Hugo Lloris completed this Saturday helplessly against the talent of the Portuguese.

With this hat-trick, Ronaldo brought his number of goals in official matches to 807, surpassing the 805 attributed to Czechoslovak Josef Bican, until then regarded by various sources as the top scorer in history. But if this is necessarily close to the heart of this exceptional champion, eager to leave an indelible mark on football history, perhaps the most important thing this Saturday is elsewhere. In this response, he is on the pitch after days of controversy over whether he was injured or sidelined against City and much discussion about the importance of United having him on their team. He silenced all criticism.

At 37, CR7 has shown he can still sign high-flying matches. And weighs his weight in the fate of a shock in the Premier League with his talent and his unique sense of purpose. If some still dared to doubt it: yes, it can still make a difference. †If you have the top scorer in history, that can’t be a problem. Today his performance and that of the team was brilliant“, concluded Paul Pogba. And this Saturday there is a lot of this opinion in the north of England.

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