Culture, sport, agriculture… What the candidates offer on the forgotten themes of the campaign

What are Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen’s programs on culture? What do they intend for agriculture? Do they have sizes for sports?

When the two candidates for the Elysée were able to explain their vision of France for almost three hours on themes chosen upstream, certain topics were hardly mentioned at all during the debate.

So what do the two candidates say about sport, culture, agriculture, animal welfare or even housing? We make an inventory.

Culture, a forgotten theme of the campaign

Pushed into the background of this presidential campaign, culture was not addressed in the debate between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. However, the two candidates have planned measures for this sector weakened by the health crisis.

While the world of culture, and in particular that of entertainment, has gone through a rough patch, the two candidates have assured that they will not return to intermittent entertainment status.

“It’s an expensive diet, it’s true. But it is a choice, because without this regime there is no more cultural offer, no more cultural creation possible. So I will maintain this system”declared the candidate of the National Rally to our colleagues from France Blue Vaucluse Friday April 15.

“I am not going to change a system that I have defended and strengthened”for his part, promised the outgoing president at the microphone of French culture Monday, April 18.

In order to promote culture and give access to culture in particular to the youngest, Emmanuel Macron has repeatedly reminded of his intention to expand the “Culture Pass”, which was set up during his five-year term. “from high school”

Marine Le Pen, she wants to create “a national heritage service” on a voluntary basis. This service will be available to young people aged 18 to 24 for a period of six months.

As for the public television and radio channels, the two candidates want to abolish the audiovisual license fee. In return, Emmanuel Macron commits to guarantee his budget and respect his independence to fund this public service. Marine Le Pen, she’s just proposing privatization of public broadcasting.

Sport, few proposals despite the 2024 Olympics

While the next five years will be dominated by the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024, the presidential candidates have said little about their sports policy measures.

Emmanuel Macron wants children to exercise more at school. To this end, he suggests introducing 30 minutes of EPS per day at primary school and two hours more at university.

For its part, Marine Le Pen does not mention sports in its program. But the candidate does have ideas about that. For example, she envisions the creation of an annual sports festival at school to allow associations to discover their activities or even the creation of Olympic Games in schools.

To fight against a sedentary lifestyle, the outgoing president also wants to offer the French complete and free health checks at 25, 45 and 60 years, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, responsible for Emmanuel Macron’s sports program, told our colleagues from France info † A measure that allows professionals to make recommendations.

Agriculture: the other big forgotten part of the countryside

The subject of agriculture was only timidly mentioned during the debates. However, the war in Ukraine has raised questions about food.

For Marine Le Pen, the priority is above all to guarantee farmers prices that respect their work. For this, the candidate of the National Rally says that he is especially willing to intervene on prices if necessary.

Based on the logic of protectionism, Marine Le Pen wants to exclude agriculture from multilateral free trade agreements and ban certain imports that do not meet French standards.

Still with a view to defending French agricultural production, the candidate canteens also want to force the use of 80% French agricultural products.

As for the production models, the candidate announced an organic farming support plan, but refuses to ban phytosanitary products, without effective and economically sustainable alternatives.

For his part, the outgoing president stated that he wanted… “produce more”according to our colleagues from France info† For this, the candidate has indicated that he wishes to adapt “the European farm-to-fork strategy, which was based on a pre-war world in Ukraine, and predicted a 13% drop in production”.

Emmanuel Macron also wants to invest massively in innovation (robotics, digital, variety selection, etc.) and set up a food autonomy plan in each overseas territory to support the local economy.

To meet the challenge of generational renewal, the two candidates are committed to helping new farmers settle in. In particular, Emmanuel Macron proposes an orientation and future law to ensure the renewal of generations, the training and the installation of these young farmers.

Animal welfare: some proposals

In the field of animal welfare, the two finalists have published some measures in their programs. Marine Le Pen also devotes an entire booklet to it, among the 17 theme booklets of her programme. In particular, the candidate wants to recognize the animals constitutionally, create a new marital status for them and tighten the penalties for crimes against them.

Emmanuel Macron, for his part, undertakes to better ensure the collection of abandoned pets.

Housing: renovation and social housing

The question of housing often comes up in the concerns of the French. Good housing is a necessity. To this end, the two candidates for the Elysée propose various measures that simultaneously respond to the demand for purchasing power and ecology.

Marine Le Pen says that the French want to give priority to social housing. The candidate intends to realize 100,000 social rental homes per year, of which 20,000 are for students and young workers.

Emmanuel Macron, he undertakes to renovate 700,000 houses a year to combat thermal sieves.

To ease access to housing, outgoing president wants to extend “the public guarantee for tenants to facilitate access to housing and punish bad payers”† For its part, Marine Le Pen plans to create a rental guarantee fund to protect landlords.

In particular, the candidate wants to facilitate access to real estate and to this end offers an interest-free loan to young couples under the age of 30 who have access to real estate, up to € 100,000 over a period of ten years. However, a condition is required to be entitled to it: one of the spouses must be French.

In terms of housing policy, Emmanuel Macron also wants to decentralize powers and wishes “place the responsibility for housing and the associated financing with municipalities and intermunicipal authorities. †

Culture, sport, agriculture… What the candidates offer on the forgotten themes of the campaign