Cyclo-sport: Bastien Tronchon, funny recovery – News

Bastien Tronchon hasn’t turned his nose up at a match in almost two months. And rightly so: the member of the AG2R Citroën U23 team suffered a lot during the Tour du Loiret in mid-May. “My collarbone was broken in three pieces and it took me a while to recover. At first I was told that I also had affected the elbow, wrist and shoulder blade, but in fact that was not the case… All the more better”


After training with his team to find the right pedal stroke, and before heading to the Tour des Deux-Sèvres in the middle of the week, on Sunday the solid man took part in the legendary Tour stage, the most famous of the cyclo sports in the world. There were also many former or current Elite runners in the game, among some 11,000 participants. “I’m a courier. I really wanted to run, to find that feeling again. Before the Tour des Deux-Sèvres there wasn’t much planned, so I decided to ride this big cyclo. It was a small personal challenge, it made me warm! 4700 altimeters over 170 km, that’s quite something. We don’t often or never do it with the Elites”he wants to point it out afterwards.

There were three mythical passes on the program that day: the Galibier, the Croix-de-Fer and then the final climb to Alpe d’Huez. Bastien Tronchon – who had already competed in several cyclo sports when he was still in the Junior category – had fun taking the lead very quickly. After a solid descent of the Col du Galibier he was even alone in the lead. “I only crossed the valley and the rest probably cost me a lot”he laughs at DirectVelo† What followed was the first half of the ascent of the Col de la Croix-de-Fer, always alone at the front, after attacking on foot with a lead of two minutes. Until it was taken over by Loïc Ruffaut, then by Stefan Kirchmair – future winner – and a handful of competitors. “It suited me not to be alone anymore, after climbing the toughest slopes. I was in a second counter-attack in the valley, it was good. We were effective because we were at the foot of the ‘Alpe d’ Huez arrived’ just three minutes late”


Once in Alpe d’Huez it became “Run for your life” for those who still managed to keep a place in the Top 15. “Honestly, it was tough, but it was fun. I liked it ! I enjoyed it very much. And I’ve tanned well, I have a nice spot on my back (smile). Too bad there is no +70 kg rating, I could have won something”, laughs the winner of the Pelousey Classic (all categories) last March. Although just a cyclo sportswoman, Bastien Tronchon happily pulled the plug with “Holy Couriers”† For a funny recovery. “It was one of the best days of my life! With everything around it, organizational level etc, it was very long. From a sporting point of view I could have made a Top 10 if I had led my race better and not started alone early enough, but I really wanted to have fun and I did.”

And if it isn’t there anymore, there is still one for Bastien Tronchon because after the finish he offered himself – despite himself – another climb. “It is the only cyclo that runs on a closed road. It was great, but suddenly we were not allowed to leave the Alpe d’Huez. Except my parents were waiting for me at the foot. I had to climb the Col de la Sarenne and go up another 350 meters to go down on the other side and join my parents…”† Knowing that he should have brought a bag made available by the organization in advance, which he found on arrival. “But I couldn’t put much in it, knowing that I also have my stuff for the Tour des Deux-Sèvres since I met my parents after sleeping with a friend the day before…”† Enough to make the 20-year-old boy realize in what comfort the athletes find themselves all year round with the Elites, within infrastructures that are getting closer and closer to the professional world. “We realize that we really live in luxury every day, we don’t take care of anything. It was not the same there, although the organization was really on top of it. For 11,000 participants it was really impressive”

Present on the roads of the Tour des Deux-Sèvres at the end of the week, Bastien Tronchon will not be able to follow the 12th stage of the Tour de France, so identical to the stage he rode this Sunday. But he will not fail to replay the best moments. “I’ll see what the weather is like on the climbs, but I don’t think there will be a photo… I was really on my toes at the end of Croix-de-Fer than in Alpe d’Huez… I didn’t remember really where I lived. I’m not even sure I recognize all the places (laughs)”