“Decisions are made on determination and mentality”

The Ligue 2 is entering its final sprint. Two days before the end of the championship, three teams can still claim second place, synonymous with an immediate rise in Ligue 1. For this 37th day, Alan Virginius (19 years – 29 games and 5 goals this season), I one of the championship reveals, gave an interview to RMC Sport. The final sprint, his relationship with Omar Daf and the atmosphere of Bonal, entrusts the young international winger.

It is an exceptional year for Sochaux. How do you explain this impressive season?

I think we have confidence. We started to gain that confidence last season. The season we are in is quite wonderful. There have been ups and downs, but hey, the season is beautiful. I had seen a statistic when Strasbourg was promoted to Ligue 1. The club had 67 points, currently we are at 67 points, which proves that the championship is very high. We are in the top five, which is fantastic. Now we must not let go, it will be a matter of determination and mentality in this final sprint.

This can also be explained by the good atmosphere in the group…

Yes, there is a very good atmosphere in this group. You see that on the field and in training. The supporters are there to support us en masse at Bonal, it motivates us for this final sprint.

‘The coach deserves this trophy’

It’s also the success of the coach, Omar Daf: it’s important to you…

The coach is demanding. He is very close to us off the field. He loves us very much and always wants to get the best out of us. During the training you have to be 100%. We have had conversations with me since last year. I have progressed in several areas, it helps me. We remain in consultation with the coach to improve certain points.

Do you think he deserves the trophy for best coach of the season in Ligue 2?

I think the coach deserves this trophy. With the demands he makes and the passion for football he deserves. Above all, he is a coach who does not joke with work. He’s very serious when needed… He also jokes with us when it’s necessary to relax the atmosphere.

How to deal with the last two games…

It’s up to us to place the ingredients, the rhythm we need. For us there is a goal to seek. Even if Dijon has reached its goal, with maintenance. We don’t have the same goal on our side and we absolutely have to give ourselves the means to reach our goal before the end of the season.

This is your second season with Sochaux, the year of confirmation?

My first season was more about learning. I learned, I also remembered what to do and what not to do. Yes, this second year is the year of my confirmation. I told myself at the start of the season that we had to do better than last season, both in terms of statistics and content on the pitch. Ligue 2 is a very physical championship. But after this Ligue 2 season, I think technically and in terms of match content, the content is much better.

“It would be great to discover Ligue 1 with your training club”

The enthusiasm around the club is also impressive…

I am focused on the present, with this sprint which is very important for the club. For us but also and especially for the supporters. We see the enthusiasm, the support and we also see that what we have offered this season has been fantastic for them. We only ask that to be pushed by many people in Bonal. I hope Bonal is full for the last game against Dijon. Because I scored my first goal quite early, the fans always expect something from me in every game.

You were flashed at 36.48 km/h against Nancy: are you inspired in this area by Kylian Mbappé?

Kylian Mbappe is an example, a great player. I get a lot of inspiration from him. I’ve had this speed since I was little. I have never worked in the speed sector.

Do you want to discover Ligue 1 with Sochaux? What will it be like for your future?

I’m focused on the end of the season with a goal I want to achieve, and then we’ll see. It would be great to discover Ligue 1 with your training club.