Digital, tourism, sports… 6 testimonials from already certain bachelor students


Noor Abderrahmani Ghorfi knows, “digital is absolutely everywhere”. She therefore follows her bachelor’s degree in Digital and Business Development at Grenoble School of Management (GEM) with full knowledge of the facts. Because what distinguishes her digitally from other disciplines is more a state of mind, such as “getting used to executing projects from A to Z, solving real-life problems, etc.” On the Paris campus of GEM, students from all sectors meet each other, both in the coworking rooms and in the small garden.

“We are always surrounded by different profiles”, says the one who did not want to “close himself in too specific a field” and chose this rather transversal course. “I do marketing, management, human resources and even personal development. At the end of the program I will be able to join many different masters”, she exults.


Zahrédine Abassi, “a young 38-year-old college student”, has just joined the BBO (bachelor of omnichannel banking) at ESBANque. “I started with a BEP sales, won brilliantly twenty years ago”, jokes the one who has worked for an energy group for a long time “as a logistics manager, in a dozen countries”. Entrepreneur, especially in the hospitality industry, this young father, based in Pau, set his sights on banking: “Every time I set up a project, it would not have been possible without a bank. It is an essential link in our lives,” says Zahrédine Abassi. He completed this training in apprenticeship at Banque Courtois, a subsidiary of Crédit du Nord. After a year, he will have his bachelor’s degree and a certification that would finally make him “the banker I wish I had met.”


Tessa Vaz Baia made her choice for a sector when she was still in Terminale. “I hesitated, that’s for sure, then I took part in an immersion day that convinced me to take the plunge,” recalls the young girl, now in the 1st year of a bachelor’s degree at the School of Tourism in Troyes. This sector, for her, “already consists of many different jobs and above all the opportunity to work abroad, learn languages, interact with all cultures”. In this branch of the Y Schools group, she learns more or less the same subjects as in a general business course, “but each through the prism of tourism, taught by professionals”. A first network that this Nancy native will continue to expand wherever she goes, starting with Mexico next year. And after that? “Then we’ll see, the world is huge and I haven’t chosen my specialty yet. It will be oenology or the development of tourist products”, she tells herself while she thinks for a while.



Maya Olanier appreciates this “island of business in a world of engineers”. This is how she describes her school, IMT BS, which grew out of the Institut Mines Telecom engineering school. She is in her 2nd year of a bachelor’s degree in Management and New Technologies.

For her, this permanent friction between the worlds is the richness of her education: “We share the same network of alumni, we manage the associations together and work on common projects”, she develops. His idea is to start working in strategic advice.

A profession in which, she knows, “technical aspects have to be taken into account, for which it will be very valuable for me to know both languages”, she believes. From her 1th year internship she ended up in a team with strong

share of engineers. “I felt like home!” she smiles. This is the whole purpose of his bachelor.



Salomée Cardon knew: “I wanted to work in the hotel industry. The question was: at 17 or later?” Today she is in her 3rd year of a bachelor’s degree in hotel management and catering at Ferrandi, in Paris.

At the time of the choice, she talks to professionals in the sector. “Everyone told me the same thing, that the best profiles are the ones who jumped right in,” the future graduate recalls. Going through the “field” box and multiplying experiences, these are the advantages of her course: “You realize that a hotel is a real city within the city, with a hundred different professions”, explains the one who would like to go to consulting , in a world of the hotel industry so in need of talent. “And if you want to advise a hotel group, it’s in your best interest to know every job through and through,” she says. Hence his recommendation for hesitant high school students: “To help you decide, work in a hotel or restaurant. Even as a small hand you quickly feel that this universe is made for you.

Le Parisien Etudiant – special “Bachelor (bac+3)” 2022


Antoine Soave
Antoine Soave

Antoine Soave “spent five years in barracks, firefighters and then CRS, performing many missions in different regions”. But he realizes that safety is not his passion.

“I was looking for another area where you find the same family and team spirit that are very important to me,” he says. This fan of middle distance races, marathons, golf and American sports sees in the Sports Management School bachelor’s degree the means to achieve, “in the field that really stimulates me, because you need passion to succeed”.

What he likes about texting? “We start at the beginning, by selling sports equipment, then gradually we discover the vast world of this sector,” he rejoices. He is particularly interested in the media dimension and may have focused on his future profession: “Talent manager, that is, connecting sports personalities with big brands,” he explains. He has also launched his own influencer company while waiting to enroll in a master’s degree.