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When Benjamin Daviet took his Paralympic medals, the eyes of young disabled athletes gathered in Dinard (Ille-et-Vilaine) lit up. The meeting of the multiple champions of biathlon and cross-country skiing, Wednesday 20 April 2022, gave even more enlightenment to the Jap (Youth with potential) detection course, which brought together fifteen Breton teenagers with disabilities, on Campus Sport (ex-Creps ). Many of them dream of a career comparable to that of the flag bearer of the tricolor delegation at the Beijing 2022 Winter Games.

Benjamin Daviet’s speech, who came in his capacity as a member of Team EDF, partner of the event, captivated the audience. “It’s not easy to accept your disability after an accident, testifies the athlete, victim of a fracture of the left knee at the age of 17, followed by the development of a golden staphylococcus that stiffened his leg at the end of his hospitalization. But sport is a good school for this. †

The daily life of a professional athlete

Melvyn, 21 years old from Rennes, practices hand biking. © Western France

Melvyn, 21 years old from Rennes, fully identifies with the skier’s profile. This former butcher suffered a serious motorcycle accident three years ago, which forced him to move around in a wheelchair. The handbike practitioner (handbike) calculates this one-week course “to make progress and meet other athletes in a similar situation”.

The Campus Sport frame is completely suitable for this. The quality facilities allow young athletes to train in table tennis, swimming, cycling and athletics, according to variants adapted to their handicap. “Our goal is to let them experience the daily life of a top athlete for a week”, summarizes Joffrey Tregoat, coordinator of the Brittany Regional Committee for Disabled Sports (CRBH), organizer of the detection course.

Paralympic Games 2028

photo schoolboy ilan, from around reindeer (ille-et-vilaine), will participate in the national games of the future in June 2022.  © western france

Schoolboy Ilan, from the Rennes area (Ille-et-Vilaine), will participate in the National Games of the Future in June 2022. © Western France

An experience first lived by Ilan, aged 12, from Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande, south-west of Rennes, victim of a stroke (cerebral vascular accident) at birth and half paralyzed on the left side. The schoolboy wants to perfect his table tennis game. “I still have a lot to learn to aim for competitions, gives the pupil of 5 . atandBut Benjamin Daviet’s speech gives me confidence. Despite the handicap, it seems possible to achieve great things. †

For Ilan, the next stage will take place in June 2022, as part of the National Games of the Future, in Tourcoing (Hauts-de-France), with other Breton para athletes. And he and all the other participants in the detection course will await the evaluations of the CRBH because the best will be able to participate in a similar event, but on a national scale, planned for All Saints Day in Limoges (New Aquitaine). Finally, the elite spotted there head to Talence, near Bordeaux, and its federal sports center for the disabled.

photo benjamin daviet spoke via videoconference with two young Bretons from the federal center for disabled sports.  © western france

Benjamin Daviet spoke via video conference with two young Bretons from the Federal Center for Handisport. © Western France

The lucky ones would thus join Hugo and Gwennaïg, two young athletes from Finistère who practice table tennis and athletics respectively, and who completed the Dinard detection course a few years ago. During a video conference hosted on the sidelines of the event, Benjamin Daviet was also able to give them his advice: “Don’t hesitate to question the former champions who train you. You hold the cards of your future in your hands. † It may be written at the 2028 Paralympic Games in Los Angeles (USA).