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KEYNOTE. The new Apple keynote conference is now over! Discover all the announcements about the iPhone SE 3, the iPad Air 5 and the new Macs equipped with the M1 Ultra chip.

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  • The first Keynote Apple conference took place on Tuesday, March 8, and will have unveiled several new features.
  • In particular, among the announcements, we find the new iPhone SE 3 available soon from $429.
  • The iPad Air also gets a new version with a better processor and an improved camera.
  • Make way for the M1 Ultra chip! The company’s most powerful processor that will equip new MacBooks, as well as a new machine: the Mac Studio.
  • Designed for professional use, the Mac Studio looks like a Mac Mini but features the M1 Ultra chip, making it a great choice for professional image and video studios.


21:00 – The new iPhone SE is available from 529 euros

A few taxes for France, and the iPhone SE is available from 529 euros in its 64 GB version! It is also possible to crack for the 128 and 256 GB versions if you need to store more files.

20:30 – The new iPhone SE available for pre-order

Do you already want to pre-order the new iPhone SE? It is possible ! The latter is already available for pre-order on the official Apple website and should arrive soon on official stores such as Amazon or Fnac.

20:00 – The Apple Keynote is over! Brief summary of the conference

That’s the closing of the first Apple Keynote of 2022! The company will therefore have unveiled five new products:

  • iPhone SE 3
  • iPad Air (5th generation)
  • The M1 Ultra chip
  • The Mac Studio (and its Mac Display screen)

It all wrapped up with a few announcements on Apple TV+, a new color for the iPhone 13, and new Macs equipped with the new M1 Ultra chip.

19:56 – The new Mac Studio is available for pre-order

The new Mac Studio, slated for release on March 18, is already available for pre-order on Apple’s official website, and certainly very soon at various specialty retailers.

19:50 – The new Mac Studio should be a game changer for studios

As the name suggests, the Mac Studio is not really designed for the general public. It is mainly aimed at professional studios that can take advantage of one of the most advanced computers in computing power. In particular, the Mac Studio can be used with the new Mac Display screen.

19:46 – 18 streams of 8K videos can be started on the Mac Studio

This is an impressive new figure! Apple says the new Mac Studio with M1 Ultra chip can process up to 18 video streams in 8K quality! This must weigh a lot of resources for the little chip!

19:43 – The Mac Studio is 3.8x more powerful than the best iMac

Let’s talk numbers for a bit, Apple says the new Mac Studio with M1 Ultra chip is 3.8x faster and more powerful than the best 27″ iMac unveiled last year. Enough to support various hardware developments in the Apple community. to promise!

19:42 – The Mac Studio is equipped with several connectors

Four Thunderbolts ports, Two USB ports, an audio jack, an HDMI port, a Micro-SD port… The new Mac Studio seems to have no shortage of connections to add your various accessories, whether they be now be from Apple or not!

7:40 PM – Apple unveils the Mac Studio

Little news in the Mac family! The Mac Studio is a small central unit that can be linked to a new Mac display. This new Mac is mostly reminiscent of the Mac mini, but with a slightly larger size, while still being quite easy to transport. Apple announces that the Mac Studio with its powerful configuration is primarily intended for image professionals.

19:36 – Several developers tell us about the M1 Ultra chip

Short series of interviews with several well-known application developers who tell us about their different experiences with the new M1 Ultra processor presented a little earlier. Be it video editing, code or images.

19:31 – The new M1 Ultra chip is the result of a merger between two M1 Max chips

The brand new and powerful M1 Ultra chip doesn’t come out of nowhere! The company worked on the fusion of two M1 Max chips to create the latter, thanks to a technique called “Ultrafusion”.

7:28 PM – Apple Keynote shows off new Macs with new M1 Ultra chip

The Mac is not forgotten for this Apple Keynote. The company announces its brand new high-performance processor: the M1 Ultra chip, which is believed to be more powerful than the M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max chip currently fitted in the latest MacBooks.

7:25 PM – The new iPad Air starts at $599!

The iPad Air (5th generation) replaces the older version of Apple’s popular tablet. In particular, the company emphasizes its new power powered by the M1 chip. It will be available very soon starting at $599 in Wi-Fi and cellular models.

19:21 – iPad Air (5th generation) now has a 12MP camera

Again, few surprises: Apple Keynote revealed that the new iPad Air has an improved camera with 12 MP and motion tracking technology to always put you at the center of your video calls.

19:19 – Apple announces the new iPad Air (5th generation)

Available in five different colors, the new iPad Air incorporates the famous M1 chip found on the iPad Pro to provide a tablet that is easy to transport while remaining very powerful for your multimedia content and your professional work.


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Apple’s Keynote for March ended after a one-hour presentation. This conference will have been full of announcements with a new iPhone SE, a new version of the iPad Air, a new color for the iPhone 13 and an even more powerful processor for the MacBooks. Apple will also have unveiled a new machine for professionals: the Mac Studio, to be paired with the new Mac Display screen.

Watch the Apple Keynote on video

Apple has a habit of revealing its Keynote conference on various broadcasting channels. To view the conference in its entirety, you can always visit the company’s YouTube channel.

What’s new for Apple’s March 8 keynote?

Apple was mainly expected on a number of new features for this Keynote. The company took advantage of the event to showcase a new version of the iPhone SE. This “cheap” version of the famous Apple phone will still be available starting at $429 and should replace the old model (which will definitely take advantage of this to bring the price down!).

The 5th generation iPad Air was also presented during the Keynote. It has a better processor, the M1 chip that currently equips the latest iPad Pros.

Apple also took advantage of the Keynote to unveil a new, even more powerful chip. Result of the merger of two M1 Max processors, discover the M1 Ultra chip! In particular, the latter will equip the new Mac Studio, a new small machine for professional studios.

No Apple Watch SE 2 announced for this Apple Keynote! The manufacturer’s famous “low cost” watch will have to wait a little longer for a new affordable version that should certainly be suitable for a wide audience.

Discover the new iPhone SE 3

The Apple keynote was placed under the sign of the iPhone SE 3. This new version is mainly equipped with the A15 Bionic chip. The latter (which still remains one of the most powerful chips on the market) is already available in the current iPhone 13. This new version of the iPhone SE is therefore equipped with a very powerful chip to efficiently manage your everyday applications and games. . †

Along with the new iPhone SE 3 chip, the Apple keynote also showed increased battery life for the device, as well as compatibility with 5G networks.

New Macs and MacBooks with the M1 Ultra chip

It was one of the big surprises of the evening. While many specialists expected a new M2 chip, Apple surprised everyone by announcing the M1 Ultra processor! In particular, the latter was born from the merger of two M1 Max chips, the company’s previous most powerful chip. This process is also referred to as “Ultrafusion” by the manufacturer.

It’s been 2 years since the iPad Air got a new version. However, the Apple keynote on March 8 changed that, as the manufacturer announced the new iPad Air 2022 (also called iPad Air 5th generation). However, the latter only has a few new features, most notably the addition of the famous M1 that was already on the iPad Pro! The iPad Air 2022’s camera has also been upgraded with 12MP and motion tracking technology.