Disney in full controversy after censoring Pixar films

Disney has removed queer elements from Pixar films without permission from the animation studio.

After Drunk and Lukethe Pixar studio is releasing its new feature film directly on Disney+: red alarm† And already that the release of director Domee Shi’s first feature film on the big-eared platform is clearly not unanimous, the dossier of the “Don’t Say Gay” law is fueling debates

In the state of Florida, in the United States, a law called “Don’t Say Gay” was passed in early March 2022. This law aims to completely ban the teaching of gender identity issues and homosexual orientation in public primary schools. After this signing, there was a fierce reaction in the media – Joe Biden himself was against it – but nothing from Disney† Worse, the studio funded some of the lawmakers behind this bill, sparking outrage at the Pixar studio.


Employees of the box bought by Disney in 2006 subsequently expressed themselves through an open letter – initially shared on Twitter by journalist Judd Legum – where the studio took the opportunity to denounce the censorship on the part of the Hollywood major. Here’s an excerpt:

“At Pixar, we’ve seen great stories, full of diverse and varied characters, coming back from dismembered Disney executives, no longer as they were. Nearly all overtly gay passages have been cut on Disney’s behalf, regardless of Pixar’s protests. creative and executive teams.

If the creation of LGBTQIA+ content is the solution to discriminatory laws around the world, we will be unable to provide it. More than the ‘inspirational content’ that we are not allowed to produce, we demand decisions.”

This letter was written in response to an e-mail from Bob Chapek (the director of Disney) to all studio employees as part of the lively debates over the lack of response to the signing of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. “. This internal statement recalled the major’s support for the LGBTQIA+ community, while admitting: his inability to face these political decisions

When Disney tries to hide

At the same time, Chapek praised the creative potential of Disney’s craftsmen, who he says can get no more politically involved than in “creating a more inclusive world through the inspiring content they create”. The letter signed by the “LGBTQIA+ Employees of Pixar and Their Allies” thus denounces the hypocrisy of the studio that a “inspirational content” while subsequently censoring the diversity of characters portrayed in Pixar productions.

Disney would indeed butchered proposals from his sector, without the slightest permission from his creative or executive team. Nowadays, only two Pixar movies are exceptions to the ruleforwardreleased in cinemas in 2020, and the short film Out aired on Disney+ the same year. In the first, a Cyclops policewoman named by Lena Waithe expressed her sexual orientation through dialogue, while in the second, a gay man came out to his parents with difficulty.

Red Alert: PhotoRight: Bob Chapek currently

Forward the hypocrisy

Pixar is therefore insisting that the studio is wide-eyed by claiming to support the LGBT cause, when it has not that very rarely proved this support† The letter bears witness to this by recalling the absence of Gay Pride at Disneyland theme parks around the world until 2019 – where only the Parisian park had hosted the event. However, that hasn’t stopped the company from benefiting the community by rolling out the Rainbow Mickey Collection in 2018, where Mickey loudly showed the colors of the rainbow flag

In addition, given Bob Chapek’s internal statement insisting on the studio’s powerlessness over political decisions, Pixar’s letter also recalls Disney’s involvement in Ukraine, where the studio decided eight days after the invasion began to release its films. in Ukraine. Russia. Similarly, after the 2021 Capitol storming, the big-eared major withdrew its donations to members of Congress who disagreed with the outcome of the US presidential election, proving Disney’s political potential and impact

Red Alert: Photo“What? ‘Inspirational content’?!”

Towards infinity and controversies

A sham that Pixar is trying to expose, while demanding both the withdrawal of Disney’s investments in favor of the lawmakers of this law, and a public statement denouncing it as financial involvement in favor of the cause to free itself from this involvement. redeem. that breaks with the values ​​promoted by the studio

Note that a few hours before the publication of this letter, Bob Chapek took the floor to announce: Donation of $5 Million to the Human Rights Campaign – an LGBT support group. The lobby has said it will decline the donation until the studio publicly opposes the “Don’t Say Gay” law. The situation is therefore more than tense between Disney and its industry.

In addition to the release of the very beautiful red alarm this March 11, 2022 on Disney+, the next Pixar movie, Buzz Lightningwill disembark him, in French cinemas on June 22