Do you hate sports? Our top 10 documentaries to watch on Netflix will make you change your mind!

Netflix offers a rich catalog of quality series such as The Bridgerton Chroniclewhich we eagerly await season 2 on March 25 with a love triangle and new gossip that promises tasty moments in perspective or the adventures of the warriors of the spin-off of VikingsVikings: Valhalla† The platform has also unveiled hit movies, including: don’t look up Where lost in the Arctic marking the return of a Game of Thrones star But the streaming platform has another strong point: its documentaries. Whether it’s an animal documentary like season 2 of the Animal Kingdomavailable on March 18, news stories with the worst roommates in the world from A lease in hell and scammer Simon Leviev from l’Tinder scammer, gastronomy or well-being… there is something for everyone. Sports enthusiasts find their happiness mainly in fascinating documentaries and documentary series. So much so that they can fascinate even those who are not into sports. Here’s a selection of 10 fascinating and accessible Netflix docu-series.

1. losers: the magnificent losers

How do you deal with failures in a society that values ​​winners? This documentary series focuses on eight magnificent losers who turned their defeat into a human triumph, proving that a loss with panache is more beautiful than a victory without brilliance. Among these magnificent losers, these eight episodes make the presentations with Michael Bentto, a world boxing champion forced into this sport by an abusive father, and that a knockout that took him away from the boxing ring enabled him to retrain in cinema. There is also the golfer Jean Van de Velde, who became the second most famous in the discipline and overshadowed the winner of the event, after his incredible failure on the last hole of the British Open in 1999. Or even Jack Ryan, a street basketball player whose bad attitude and lack of discipline won over professional expectations, but who managed to bounce back in unexpected ways. Add to this the wacky tales of an English football club that was rescued in extremis from relegation by a police dog, the setbacks with the judges of black skater Surya Bonaly, a curling player whose defeat revolutionized his sport… These men and women witnesses in front of the camera, their words are illustrated by humorous drawings and archive images. Fascinating and hopeful stories. What does victory matter, as long as we have heroism!

2. The battered bastards of Baseball: gifted rebels

In the 1970s, former comedian and entrepreneur Bing Russell, the father of actor Kurt Russell, founded an independent baseball team made up of Major League Baseball dropouts. To build his Portland Mavericks team, he recruits outsiders who train with a smile, a cigarette in their mouth and a cold beer in their hands. But these athletes with brave hearts of gold in their fingers caused a surprise and overshadowed the Major League, which did not want them. This moving and little-known episode in baseball history is brought to the screen with love and humor in this fast-paced film and with the tantalizing concoction that underdogs have what it takes to be winners. From zero to hero, these players are living proof. Former baseball players, including actor Kurt Russell, testify with infectious good humor in this twisted tale that if everything wasn’t true, no one would believe it!

3. Inside the head of Aaron Hernandez: millions in jail

This incredible documentary series looks back at the unusual fate of Aaron Hernandez† Impeccable on the field but involved in off-field escapades, this American football player with a lively personality and undeniable talent was recruited at a very young age by the great team of the New England Patriots, on the team of champion Tom Brady. After becoming a multimillionaire, when he was able to live the good life, he is arrested and charged with murder. How did we get here? Why did he slip? Is there a medical explanation for this 27-year-old athlete’s sudden descent into hell? This docuseries looks back at his tragic fate, the end of which we won’t reveal here, from his childhood to his sporting rise to his personal fall. A fascinating document!

4. The other side of sports: The sports scandals

When sport rhymes with business, it can give rise to scandals that shake the world’s news well beyond sport. These five films decipher historical events that have marked the histories of basketball, boxing, tennis, hockey and track and field. Using testimonials from the protagonists and archival footage, they tell how in the NBA Championship a meeting between the Detroit Pistons and the Indiana Pacers culminates in an unprecedented fight between the players and the fans in the stands. Another story: the amazing story of a 17-year-old teenager to whom his father offers a hockey team in the Minor League. The young owner and his team of bad guys are unaware that he is the center of an undercover FBI mission involving mafia links and Tony Soprano. Then there’s the story of tennis player Mardy Fish, whose sanity was destroyed by America’s winning culture. The other two films look back on the unique journey of Caitlyn Jenner, former male athlete William Bruce Jenner, decathlon specialist in the 1970s, who became a trans woman and eventually that of one of the first great boxers, who nearly died under her husband’s blows. and coach. Mind-blowing stories.

5. We are the Champions: the craziest disciplines

A range of quirky contests followed by the most passionate fans. So, in the English countryside, you will see the ancestral tradition according to which intrepid acrobats descend a steep slope in search of… a cheese! Also on the menu: chili crunchers that push the pain threshold ever higher in spicy duels, hairdressers entering a Mardi Gras themed contest, a yo-yo contest, an obé-rythmée contest, a dog sport where the dog evolves with its master to create a choreography in music and eventually coaches and their frogs try to set jumping records in a competition for the best of three jumps. Never seen.


6. icarus: institutional doping

This Oscar-winning documentary film, unfortunately topical, denounces the state system of doping in Russia. Amateur cyclist, stunned by the fact that Lance Armstrong has walked through the cracks for so many years, the director himself decided to test the failure of the detection system by participating in an amateur race according to a doping program designed by Grigory Rodchenkov, the director of the official Russian laboratory. for the fight against doping! We see the filmmaker taking his daily EPO injections and collecting urine samples, supervised by Rodchenkov. The documentary also references a German broadcaster’s report denouncing organized doping in Russia, causing an international earthquake and leading to a top-level investigation confirming the existence of doping by the Russian state at least in served the Olympics. and Sochi. Uplifting!

Who said Formula 1 wasn’t exciting? This documentary series immerses the viewer in the heart of the Paddock, an unforgiving universe where drivers, but also team managers compete against each other. Shenanigans, rivalry, jealousy, twists, betrayals…anything goes on race weekends. Whether we like this mechanical sport or not, we let ourselves be carried away by these stories of men who evolve in this extraordinary environment where, of course, there is a love for sports and competition, but also a bling bling and Showbiz atmosphere that Netflix has managed to create. reaches. very easy to transcribe thanks to a tight editing, close to a soap opera. A compelling story mixed with the intimacy of the drivers being followed by the cameras, the most spectacular racing moments and the private lives of the drivers of the Redbull, McLaren and Mercedes teams. A real soap to follow with passion for those who love strong personalities and colorful characters. Go for it! Season 4 also comes with a bang this Friday, March 11.

This extraordinary documentary returns to the true story that inspired the cinema film, fox catcher, worn by Steve Carell. Unrecognizable, the actor lent his features to the real John Du Pont. This eccentric billionaire, passionate about wrestling, wanted to make it his professional career. Not having the level, he created his own wrestling team, Team Foxcatcher, which he installed in a gigantic complex, a mini-city built especially for his athletes. Equipped with the most advanced equipment and where athletes had to settle with their families, this wrestling training camp served as an exclusive place for their wrestling profession but also for their personal lives. John Du Pont relies on Dave Schultz, an Olympic wrestling champion, whom he recruited with his younger brother and with whom he develops a deep friendship. In addition to his eccentricities, which his wrestlers have to deal with, the billionaire who heads the United States Olympic wrestling team proves to be a tyrannical and unpredictable boss. Until he completely loses his balance and commits the irreparable, and finds himself at the heart of a horrifying incident…

9. Becoming a champion: the small story meets the big

This documentary takes a look at eight countries that have won the FIFA World Cup† The spectator is transported to Uruguay, Italy, Germany, Brazil, England, Argentina, France, Spain… in the heart of these great football countries where this sport is so influential that it has an impact on society and politics. Their victories are told through the prism of the personal stories of their great champions.

10. Coaching secrets the rules of the game: little well-kept secrets

Sport has its champions, but also its great coaches. These men and women with prestigious awards share the rules that have enabled them to succeed in their sports as well as in their lives. On the schedule: NBA coach Doc Rivers reflects on his response to Donald Sterling’s racism, football coach Jill Ellis emphasizes the importance of being honest with yourself, coach José Mourinho talks about his forays into the media, the trainer of tennis player Serena Williams, Patrick Mouratoglou, reveals his strategy against players who sink a game, and finally, basketball coach Dawn Staley talks about her breakthrough in the men’s sport and explains why she needs to get out of her comfort zone. So many precious secrets that can apply to everyone in their daily life.