Do you have to exercise every day?

Alexis Flamel

While exercising every day is tempting, it’s clearly not for everyone. But how do you know how often it is good to exercise? We tell you everything.

Some start exercising to have fun, others to lose or gain weight, others for medical reasons or to tone their bodies… Whatever the goal, it’s generally not not recommended to exercise every day. Unless, of course, you’re a professional. And this is not a warning to be taken lightly. Exercising every day is not good for you for several reasons.

You run the risk of becoming demotivated

Sports coaches often recommend limiting yourself to: three workouts a week. In any sport, beyond this limit, progress is rarely guaranteed. In other words, if you exercise more than three times a week, you will become more fatigued with no results. Over time, there is a good chance that you will lose motivation and stop exercising.

Movement is good and important. But make sure you maintain a regular activity without going overboard. Adjust the frequency of your training so that it is optimal, according to the goals you are pursuing and the effort you can put in.

The ideal frequency What you should exercise on obviously depends on your physical condition and the sport you practice. Your sessions should be more or less intensive and spread over time, depending on your age, your weight, your activity… But keep in mind that exercising every day will not help you achieve your goals faster, on the contrary.

Can certain sports be practiced every day?

Gentle sports, such as yoga or Pilates, pose less risk of injury and physical trauma than other sports. These activities can be practiced every day without any problems. It should get results even faster.

Conversely, more intense sports, such as cardio training (running, cycling, etc.) occasional physical exertion. This is important for both your health and to make progress as quickly as possible. In this form of exercise, your body and muscles are strongly mobilized. This forces you to use your energy forces, to break the fibers of your muscles that rebuild themselves to become more powerful… It is therefore essential to divide your training sessions.

Practice these sports every day prevents the recovery process your body needs. So make sure to respect the rest periods to make the best progress. In these specific cases, exercising every day is just as much about stunting your own progress as it is about increasing the risk of training injuries.

Provide daily physical activity

For those who want to exercise absolutely every day despite everything, it is quite possible. make sure you vary the pleasures and to devote a few days of training to high-intensity sports, while doing activities that require fewer resources on the other days of the week.

You win on all fronts, as you maximize the results of all the disciplines you practice while respect for your body and the periods of health it needs. all you have to do is organize your workout schedule for the week and keep your motivation intact!