Emmanuel Macron should remove his “Letter to the French” from his Twitter

POLICY – No mixing of genres. The “Letter to the French” with which Emmanuel Macron announced his candidacy for a second term disappeared from his Twitter account on Friday, March 11, following a call for order from the National Commission for the Control of the Election Campaign (CNCCEP).

In a press release, the organization responsible for the smooth running of the presidential campaign explains that it informed the leaders of the Macron team on March 7 about the need to remove the letter from the official account of the President of the Republic .

The Commission considers “that such a message is related to election propaganda and that, given the characteristics of the use of this Twitter account, it has been used for a long time and mainly to transmit messages related to the exercise of its functions of President of the Republic, it is better not to use this account to spread such messages there.

It refers the campaign team to the “specially created (…) account for the presidential election campaign” nicknamed “@avecvous”.

Emmanuel Macron therefore applied the rule by “grooming” his account more broadly. He removed the “second term candidate” from referring directly to his campaign account and put up a more presidential banner.

Popular and monitored social networks

Emmanuel Macron announced his candidacy on January 3 in a letter circulated in the regional press and passed on his Twitter account the following day.

Due to the health crisis, candidates have invested more than ever in social networks to be heard, in the absence of a meeting or incessant travel. The so-called “response” teams are also very active there to respond to opponents.

For Emmanuel Macron, there is even more at stake: the presidential candidate has been forced to fall back on this means of communication to carry out his flash campaign, where travel will be rare, the management of the war in Ukraine obliges.

His first trip took place on Monday 7 March in Poissy, in Île-de-France, for a not really spontaneous debate with the inhabitants. Since then, the president has devoted himself to the international situation, even as his team tries to organize a weekly meeting with campaign videos broadcast on YouTube.

LREM boss Stanislas Guérini acknowledges that the campaign “in shape” will not be like the others and assures that the President of the Republic will take advantage of “all the openings that the international agenda, his agenda as President of the Republic to meet the French.” But none of this can be broadcast on the presidential account with nearly 8 million subscribers.

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