Emmanuel Macron wants to raise statutory retirement age to 65

Officially, his campaign team will not certify the information, explaining that the arbitration will be made public during the presentation of his program, scheduled for late next week. But unofficially, the presidential candidate’s entourage confirms this to the World : Emmanuel Macron has decided to raise the statutory retirement age to 65, if reelected in April, as written the echoesWednesday March 9.

‘We must resume pension reform’Macron said Monday, in front of several elected officials who lent him their sponsorship, gathered at his campaign headquarters and specified the outlines of the future reform he plans to implement. “We have to work harder”he said, incorporating two early departure schemes under “long careers” and from “difficulty”† A precision, analyzed by a participant as “a gesture to the CFDT”† Wednesday evening, in front of the majority parliamentarians, Mr Macron promised to present: “an ambitious pension reform for a social model that lasts”said one participant.

“Pact between generations”

That day, Mr. Macron also the future pension reform he plans to introduce as a pillar of a “pact between generations”which would also include measures that support the individual throughout life, from early childhood to apprenticeship, through vocational training or dependence on the elderly.

During his candidacy statement, on March 3, in his letter to the French, the tenant of the Elysée had already written: “We will have to work more and continue to lower taxes on labor and production. † A way to show his determination to restart a project that he had to suspend and shut down in March 2020 due to the coronavirus crisis.

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Mr Macron has not stopped reminding in recent months of the need to work more, to prepare the minds for a postponement of the legal age, without specifying a precise age, however. “It is now clear, from all the objective reports, unlike when I was elected, there is a funding problem. And so it is clear that we will have to work longer.”he assured on December 15 on TF1.

“Because we live longer, we will have to work longer and retire later,” he had already stated on July 12, 2021, argue for “the abolition of special regimes for newcomers”. Assessing the French pension system “unfair”Emmanuel Macron believed that with “Forty-two different regimes, it maintains huge inequalities and it will be necessary to move to more simplicity for more justice”.

“Dishonest and cynical”

The statutory retirement age is now 62 years. That Emmanuel Macron plans to postpone it by three years has excited his competitors in the race for the Elysée. For Marine LePen, “Emmanuel Macron wants to make the French pay for his incompetence. With him it is always up to the people to sacrifice themselves.” And the candidate of the National Rally remembers her project: “Being able to retire at 60 if you have forty-year terms and start working between 17 and 20 years.”

“Retiring at 65, we proposed it, not Macron! How can I trust candidate Macron when he promises everything President Macron failed to do during his five-year term? † shouted Valérie Pécresse on Twitter.

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Boris Vallaud, project manager and spokesman for the Socialist Party, for his part criticized a “unfair and cynical measure”in a tweet shared by Anne Hidalgo, the party candidate for the Elysée: “Whatever it costs, it will still cost the most modest”he complained.

For Philippe Poutou, the candidate of the New Anti-Capitalist Party, “we understand better than he” [Emmanuel Macron] doesn’t want to debate, and don’t want to be responsible for all his antisocial attacks yesterday and tomorrow. The only answer: share wealth, retire at 60, impose a reduction in working time.”

asked by The worldLaurent Berger, Secretary General of the CFDT, believes that the measure envisaged by the President of the Republic “is dishonest and brutal”, especially because it will punish those who started their professional life before the age of 20 or around the age of 20. He recalls that many workers are already unable to keep their jobs until age 62, the age required under common law to be eligible for retirement benefits. “Half of people will no longer have a job when they retire”, he adds. The option proposed by the head of state “is a very bad idea that we will be against, even if compensatory gestures are made for people who have completed long careers or had difficult jobs”

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